Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good-bye 2013

Dear friends,

I wanted to write a post at the end of the year looking back on all the things that have happened. In some ways it was a very successful year. In others, this has been the worst year I can remember.

I want to thank you all for the huge support you have given me and my book. The book has done better in one month than I ever thought possible. Every note and email that I have received telling me how much you enjoyed it has meant the world to me.

I wanted to write more than this. I wanted to give you something back for everything you have given me this year. But I can't right now.

In late summer of this year, my mom was diagnosed with liver cancer. It was determined that she could not survive surgery, so she was given microsphere radiation treatment. Though the radiation may have given her more time, she began to decline. When I saw her at Thanksgiving, she was sleeping for much of the day, and though she was eating well and seemed lucid, I could tell she wasn't well at all.

About a week and a half ago she was hospitalized for ammonia toxicity due to her impaired liver function. She was unresponsive for a few days, but they were able to remove the ammonia from her system and she awoke, seemingly more lucid than before the incident, though physically much weaker. After a few days she was moved to a rehab center in the hopes that with physical therapy she could get strong enough to go back home. But she became increasingly lethargic over the weekend and stopped eating. She passed away yesterday morning.

Someday I will write a tribute to her here. But not today. I can't just yet.

Thank you again for all your love and support.

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