Thursday, December 5, 2013

Book Tour Day 4 - CraftGossip

OMG you guys! The day I have had. This morning, my kid looks at me typing on my computer and says, "How old is that computer?" And I suddenly realize it's hella old (for a computer) and I really, really need to do a backup, like, last month. But I can't do anything right that minute because I am going to be a chaperone for her first grade field trip to the symphony! (And that's a post in itself, but it will have to wait.) So I go do that, and as soon as I get back home, I go up to my desk and there's this odd smell in the air. Sort of ozone-y. Like when there's been an unfortunate electrical event that has fried the crap out of something you really really need. LIKE YOUR COMPUTER. Dead. My baby. Gone.

So I had a HUGE wholesale order for books (and can I just say - I GOT A WHOLESALE ORDER!!!!!!!!! And I wan't even going to start thinking about that until next year!) and I was in a panic, so I hauled the poor thing to the MacMedics where they thought it was fixable at first, and then decided later it really wasn't. So poo.

But it all took up my whole day is what I'm getting at here. And so It's After 6 pm and I am FINALLY telling you that today's stop on the tour is CraftGossip! Scarlett Burroughs, who runs the quilting page for CraftGossip, has always been a big ally for me. She was instrumental in getting out the word about the first calendar and linked to one of my most controversial posts on the GenQ site, driving even more traffic our way when we really needed it. I hope I can do her a favor in return someday.

She has two posts up, one is a review and the other is the giveaway. Definitely read them both, but the giveaway one is priceless. You'll see.

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