Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blog Tour Day 3 - Scientific Seamstress

Wow, we're at Day 3 already! Time flies, don't it?

Today's stop is the awesome Carla Crim, also known by her superhero name, The Scientific Seamstress.

You know, Carla used to live near me, and before we could get together (and let me just say, when we first talked about getting together, she was basically offering me fabric and I didn't jump in my car and drive to her house right that minute—wtf is wrong with me?), she up and moved to New York. I got to see her for, like 5 minutes at Market as she was running off to catch a plane and get home before the hurricane hit the East coast. But I will remember those five minutes forever (sniff!).

I've talked about my love for Carla's work before here and here - but I cannot emphasize enough how great she is. She even has TWO new books coming out this year, Pattern Cutting for Kids' Clothes and Essential Sewing Reference Tool: All-In-One Visual Guide (both of which are available for pre-order on Amazon). I love her to pieces, even though she LEFT ME and now we will probably never sit in some little coffee shop in downtown Baltimore, talking smack about quilters. That's okay, we'll just do it at Spring Market in Pittsburgh.

She's giving away a book, so go see her and tell her she's awesome (but not too awesome because of the LEAVING.)

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