Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blog Tour Day 13: Teri Lucas

All right. This one made me cry, dammit.

Teri Lucas has been a friend out there for a long time now, though we haven't really gotten to know each other beyond the blog world. Whenever I post anything on my Facebook page—and I mean anything—Teri is always the first to "like" it. Whenever I feel the need to vent there about some nasty comment or other, Teri is always right there to talk me down and make sure I remember what's important.

Teri did a pretty long interview with me for her blog post, but I'll warn you, I was ill when I answered her questions so I wasn't feeling very funny that day. But she asked a lot of interesting questions and I think you might enjoy it.

And Teri has decided not to do a giveaway. She explains at the end. Thanks, Teri.

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