About This Blog

Hi, and welcome. In case you haven't yet noticed, this blog is called "The Bitchy Stitcher." It is a blog about (mostly) sewing, and it is a blog in which, occasionally, words that you can't say on network TV are used. It amuses me to no end that this is something I need to warn people about.

I began blogging in 2008. I was a stay-at-home mom, just coming off a bad year of post-partum depression, with 50 extra pounds, two small kids, and a desperate need for something to occupy my hands and my brain. Initially, I wanted to learn to sew to be able to make clothes for myself, since nothing except circus tents seemed to fit anymore, but when that didn't go so well, I decided to try my hand at quilting. My mom was a quilter, as well as my older sister, and though I didn't really have a conscious desire to emulate them, once I tried it I understood what they loved about it so much.

I always wanted to be a writer, and my heart's desire was always to write things that would make people laugh. But I had myself convinced for most of my life that humor writing wasn't worth pursuing, that if I was going to write I ought to be focussing on more "serious" topics. But when I began blogging, I decided that I didn't have to worry about that, because no one was gonna read this anyway. So I wrote what I wanted, and it made people laugh, and it turns out that bringing that kind of smile to somebody's face is the greatest high since that awesome hashish that I did NOT smoke in 2002.

In 2009, I sent one of my quilty humor posts to Quilter's Home magazine, on the suggestion of one of my readers. Now I write a regular humor column for them. I'm still pinching myself over that.

In this blog, you will find that I make fun of myself a lot, I exaggerate for comic effect, I sometimes say outrageous things, and sometimes I just come here when I need to work out some personal things. Oh, and occasionally, it will actually be about quilting.