Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Tour Day 14: Cheryl Sleboda

OMG YOU GUYZ! I am so excited about today's stop on the tour. Cheryl Sleboda is, like, totally my idol. I devolve into teen-speak when I write about her because I am such a fangirl. I don't even remember now how I discovered her website,, but I do remember that I was determined to feature her in GenQ somehow. So I pitched an idea for an article/blog post (this was back before we went to print) about LEDs in quilts and was able to calmly and rationally express my devotion without looking like a drooling idiot.

So, why am I such a freaky fangirl over Cheryl? Well, just go here and look at all of these. And then look at this. See? I long to take one of her classes someday or just, you know, touch the hem of her garment.

Cheryl is, in honor of a particular piece in the book, giving away one of her DELUXE LED KITS! This includes a battery holder, battery, conductive thread, two LEDs, instructions, and a bonus zombie pattern! I realized when Cheryl said she was going to do this for her giveaway that I had never bought one of her kits—though, as with so many things, I had always intended to—so today I did. I can't wait!

So, get your ass over to Cheryl's blog right now and enter and be sure to look at all her amazing work while you're there and geek out like a freaking lunatic - just like me!

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