Monday, April 26, 2010

Team Jacob

You all are just so sweet. I loved all the helpful suggestions for fixing the skirt that I sewed with one panel wrong-side-out, most of which amounted to: Just Leave It and Pretend You Meant To Do It. Unfortunately, these suggestions all ignored or were unaware of the fact that I cannot leave a mistake that big and not suffer some sort of stroke from trying to act like I don't care. No, I ripped out all the stitches, which of course included the basting stitches that held the gathers together, and started over.

Got it all done by the next day, but it was way to small for Devon, so it ended up a gift for a friend's 2-year-old daughter, and later I started in on a second version. In between skirts, I got the itch to make a new handbag. Something big. And spidery.

The day that I finished it, I became ill with what felt like the flu, but was probably just a very nasty cold. Once the bag was done, I took to my bed for the next three days, stirring only to complain on Twitter and to start the "Twilight" DVD over again. I had resisted the whole Twilight thing, because I already had my vampire-in-love-with-human obsession when Buffy was still on and there was no way anything that was so obviously derivative of my favorite TV show EVER could win me over, and besides - teenagers get all goony over it so it must suck, right?

Turns out, when you're sick and can barely move, ANY broody vampire is a good vampire. So, of course, even though I'm feeling much better now, I still had to rent New Moon, which I watched last night and OH MY GOD TAYLOR LAUTNER. It is SO not right for a woman my age to be looking at that boy without his shirt on. I need to go watch something with Abe Vigoda in it now.

But I did manage, despite Taylor Lautner's shoulders, to make another skirt for Dev, the construction of which she watched over every second, asking "Is it ready NOW?" and "Will it be my size?" over and over throughout the process. But I didn't mind the questions, because I knew we'd get to this:

She's delighted with it, and looks adorable, and I know there's only a few short years where my girls will be both happy and willing to wear something I've made them. I had such fun watching her prance around all morning, feeling like a little princess. Of course, then she announced that next I would make her a "beautiful, fancy gown" and I had to sit down and put my head between my knees.

Good thing I still have that DVD.


Kat said...

It looks great!!! Maybe all she needs is a pair of wings and a wand.

Michele said...

You know, they make some adorable costume patterns, that aren't too tricky to make. Little girls sure love to dress up in "ballgowns". Do the girls have a box of hats, dresses, etc for playing grown up?I hate to gather/ruffle, too, but they are worth it for the memories. Michele

Leah Day said...

Ha! You've caved to the Twilight mania too.

I shamefully admit to watching the trailers (both official and fan-made) on youtube at least once a week.

It's nice to get a weekly dose of werewolf shoulders and brooding vampire.



Wendy_MT said...

Great job, Megan! I too would have ripped out every stitch until I was happy with it. I haven't learned the art of "pretend I meant it to be that way." Maybe someday :)

Anonymous said...

Abe Vigoda - that's funny. I've been watching Barney Miller reruns with Abe in them, and they are a hoot.

P. said...

OMG, your Abe Vigoda sentence had me cackling in the middle of a full mouth bite of leftover Chinese. Half-chewed rice became suddenly airborne. I haven't seen any of the Twilight movies, but just looking at Taylor Lautner in all the entertainment mags, I know what you mean. Known to induce hot flashes of the most enjoyable kind.

Very cute skirt!

Kathryn said...

Just wait until she wants you to make her a pink unicorn costume for Halloween! With a white horn and white netting mane and tail to boot!

Ahhh, those were the days *sigh* Now she's all grown up!

P. said...

Oh, and I forgot to comment on how awesome the spider bag is! Love!

Andi said...

The teen girls are all gaga over Edward, which means Taylor is AVAILABLE. Yummy :-) Oh, and the sewing is nice too.

crowefan0517 said...

Just want to say thanks for always making me smile when I read your blog posts.

-debby, chester ny

Karen S said...

Yep -- you're right -- sewing for your daughter is a limited-time-offer. I am still POed at Hannah Montana for not wearing the little smocked dresses that looked so good on my daughter.

The skirt turned out cute (and I would have ripped it apart until it was perfect too...).

Anonymous said...

Deborah says:

Devon is adorable (and the skirt is cute, too)!

I live in a cave and have no idea what the fuss is over the "Twilight" series and who in the heck is Taylor Lautner?

Just like in high school, I'll probably get with it about 5 years after it's cool.

Your blog is the GREATEST!!!