Friday, April 2, 2010

But it would be organic goat poop, because I'm thoughtful that way

After the quilt debacle that became a performance art installation, I decided to hold off on that particular project for a wee bit and tackle the next gift quilt I have on my list. An old friend popped back into my life about a week or so before I left to go see my brother, and during the time that we have been estranged, she had a baby girl, who is about 8 months old now. I had longed to make a baby quilt for her but that might have involved some uncomfortable talking and sharing and growing as a human being, which just wasn't what I was into at the time. It was far easier to remain distant, something I am quite good at.

But she reached out and we have been corresponding quite civilly, and so eventually I asked if she would have any objections to receiving a quilt for the baby. Because I have learned my lesson, people. ASK FIRST. She said that they would cherish a quilt, and for a minute I went, "Shit. I was hoping she'd say no." Because now I have to put out, and what if this turns into another fabric massacre and I have nothing to give her except some burned scraps covered in goat excrement? That would kinda suck.

And when I get this uptight about making something, I can't settle on a pattern. I had a pattern I thought I was going to use, but then I read it, and it said that it worked best for fabric that had small motifs or patterns, and of course what I picked does not. If I were a more confident quilter, I could have said, fuck it, Imma do it anyway, but I am not a confident quilter AT ALL. I'm a highly insecure quilter who needs lots of hand holding and back patting and comforting, unhealthy snacks just to make it through a day.

Eventually, I couldn't stand the fabric just sitting there, so I started hacking at it and made it into a bunch of large and small squares, and I'm just going to hope that something good comes out of it by accident. It can't be any worse than the nasty glops you can still see dotting interstate 97 at the Rte. 100 overpass


deborah said...

So far it looks great! I'll hold your hand through it, I need to get back to my regular stitching sessions soon or I'm going to blow up:) And, goat poop should be organic unless that goat's been eating cans.

Shay said...

Pretty fabric ! i'm sure it'll turn out beautifully.

I'm a I-need-my -hand-held -quilter too. I usually spend more time talking to my Mum for advice about the quilt I'm making than I actually spend making it. And I tend to doubt most of my projects until the moment they're completed.

Kathy said...

Girl! You need to give yourself more credit! YOU CAN MAKE THIS QUILT. The fabric is beautiful I can't wait to see the finished quilt! You can do it! You can do it!

Just Me said...

Just go for it. I always hate what I make until it's done. When I go back to look at it I'm always amazed at how friggin' talented I really am.

LittleBook said...

Love, love, love the fabric! And how brave of you to just hack at it. I'm terrified of that even though those are the types of quilts that make me weak in the knees.

Ruthie said...

It looks Beautiful so far!

Anonymous said...

Deborah says:

Honey, I'll hold your hand if you hold mine!

I got a quilting frame about 4 months ago. Someone from the store came to help me set it up. Thank GOD!

After letting is sit for a couple of months I finally sat myself down and girded my loins to....cut the leader fabric to fit the leader poles! Keep in mind the fabric was already attached to the poles. I didn't have to measure anything. I simply had to cut along the dotted lines.

Well, it only took another 2 weeks after that for me to...carry my sewing machine up to the room where my frame resides and put in on the, uh, that slide-y thing....the carriage?

My husband held my hand for that.

Now, (I can no longer procrastinate with this)......I've got to go in there and thread the darn thing!

I think I can handle that, but don't know how long it will take before I actually get the fabric loaded.

I'm 46 now...and my birthday isn't until November. I think that's a good goal.

Linda said...

Love the fabric-looks good so far! I hope you haven't done anything with your large squares yet...I think they would make fabulous pinwheels, which look impressive but are easy to do. I just made my first pinwheel quilt and it was fun and looks great. I used this pattern:

BUT don't use her method of cutting up triangles and putting them together-sewing a bias is a bitch and a sure way to get a wonky quilt. Have a look at this quilt-a-long:

Pinwheel blocks intespersed with four patches, would be nice.

And thus ends my unsolicited quilt design advice :)


Traci said...

M - so glad to see you back! Hope your bro is doing well. I think you need to remember, that it is just fabric and your HOBBY! Don't stress, dudette! We love you anyway!


Dana Gaffney said...

What do you mean you have to ASK FIRST? Maybe if you're dropping it on them from an overpass. Who doesn't love a quilt, and the baby can't complain for a few months yet. Beautiful fabrics, just remember anything that goes wrong, you meant to do it.