Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why it's a good idea to have a manual camera around the house

Yesterday, before I was called to come rescue my daughter from the perils of Throat Loogies, I grabbed a couple plastic bins that were on sale at the grocery store. I have been intending to work on organizing my sewing area (and yes, the loosely phrased "intending to work on" is very, very accurate here) and have been thinking that perhaps I should start organizing my scraps. Seeing as how I have several metric tons, even though I've only made 4 complete quilts, plus a few more quilt tops, in my short career as a quilter.

My first task was to use one of the bins for all the weird jelly rolls I got on eBay so long ago (they turned into this quilt and then the rest of them sat in the bottom of my scrap box until yesterday). I had already pulled out some of them over the weekend to make this:

But brightly colored strips of fabric all in one handy bin only serves to turn my children into magpies. Last night, the bin was closed.

This morning:

I will, no doubt, be finding these for weeks.

But, hey, guess what? I was taking a picture of my shelves:

to contrast with the shelves I am going to steal from my husband becasue he has not utilized them to my satisfaction:

and I thought I should probably move that big, ugly box:

Hey! What's that on the floor?

I'm guessing it was trying to hide until I had cleaned my damn house.


joanne lendaro said...


JustCindy said...

Love the bock! What measurements did you use?

quiltaholic said...

ROFL! I have 2 cameras too - not only do I need to clean the house, but I am notoriously forgetful and will ALWAYS forget where one of them is at any given moment. I feel your pain!

Joy said...

I need a phone ~ or some sort of homing device ~ on my camera so that I can ring it every time I lose it .... which is often.
Love the block ... you better hurry up and make the rest before the tinies abscond with the rest of your strips!!!!
Joy :o)

Vicki said...

that happens to me all the time. Not with my camera (yet), but I lose stuff. I find it, when cleaning, later on. I still haven't found the pieces for the pajama pants I was going to make my baby girl for Christmas eve. No idea on that one.

Cee said...

that's awesome. thanks for the laugh this morning! This happens to me all the time, btw.

Mimi said...

You deserve a BIG ASS hug. Here comes mine to hug you!