Friday, January 8, 2010

Mommy, why are you on the floor taking a picture of Dora's bathroom?

A couple people have asked me about the jelly roll block I made, and though "a couple" doesn't exactly constitute overwhelming demand, I thought I'd briefly explain how it's made. I'm sure there is a name for this block and that everyone on earth already knows how to do it, but let's all just be patient for the sake of those two people who don't. (My first how-to book will be called Short Bus Quilting).

Since the block is made from jelly rolls, and jelly rolls are 2.5 inches wide, the first square is a 2.5-inch...well, square. For the second color, you would cut one piece at the same size (a 2.5-inch square) and one more piece 2 inches longer (4.5 inches). Then, for each subsequent color, you cut one the same as the longest side you just sewed before, and another 2 inches longer than that. Ad infinitum, if you're into that.

Since I did seven colors, I ended up with a big-ass block. How big? Pretty damn big. Hmmm...let's se if we can find something to put next to it. To, you know, give it scale. Oh, hey, thanks kids. That's perfect.


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Thanks! They say size doesn't matter, but I digress. It's all clear to me now. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

Love 2 Quilt said...

That's going to make a pretty quilt. I think I've seen a pattern similar to that called "Half Log Cabin" but I'm sure that there are many names. What the heck, just make up your own block name!!

Cherie said...

You are a riot...thanks for the Friday laugh, it's much appreciated :)

Duff said...

Oh yeah baby, that is one psychedelic stool!
thanks for the laugh!

joanne lendaro said...

It's what about 14"? LOVE those!! Big Blocks = Fast quilts!

Have a productive weekend!

Joy said...

Oh of course ... it's the "Dora's Bathroom" Block lol!!!
It's going to be a gorgeous quilt in those colours .... and did you notice the loo is just the right colours :o)!!??!
Joy :o)