Monday, December 21, 2009

Things are looking up

I awoke Sunday morning to more snow than I've ever seen in my life. In 1996, we had a snowstorm that dumped about 17 inches and another one in 2003, but this was at least 22 inches, which I say I am allowed to call "2 feet" even if it is an inch or two shy. Needless to say, our cars were hardly visible under the mess, not to mention the driveway, the sidewalks,and, well, everything else. While Harper was beside herself with joy, I found myself in despair again: how would I dig us out? I blew out a disc in my lower back while shoveling out the car in the '96 storm, and I couldn't risk doing it again. David is forbidden to exert himself in any way, and certainly not in below freezing temperatures. I prayed that some enterprising kid would come along and offer to do it for only 22 bucks - the amount of cash on hand that David and I had between us.

And indeed one did. But before he showed up, I looked out my kitchen window, and there were my next door neighbors, shoveling the walks, the driveway, and clearing off both our cars. I shouted out the window that I sure as hell hoped they liked pecan pie, because I was making them one right then. They refused the pie, so I gave my 22 bucks to the neighborhood kid and had him help them out. Before we leave for Tennessee, I will leave a six-pack of some yummy microbrew on their doorstep. If they refuse that, I'll just have to egg their house.


Joy said...

What fabulous neighbours you have!!!!
Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!!!
Joy :o)

Carolyn aka Silkquilter said...

One of my most precious memories while I was a military wife was when we transferred to Fort Dix NJ in late January 87. When we got there from Fort Riley Ks, there was about 2 feet of snow on the driveway of our new quarters. (MSG DH had already been there for a month and signed for quarters with my seeing them. Not that it would have made much difference. LOL) Then he flew back to KS and we drove to NJ. We got there late and could not park my car in the driveway. Slept on the floor in sleeping bags. DH had to report to work the next morning. About 6am while we were getting up there was a knock on the door. The neighbor kid handed me a snow shovel and said his mother thought I might need it today. And YES I did need it. LOL. Kid had to go to school so didn't have time to shovel DH's car out of the driveway. And since we had just got there the night before, we didn't have our own shovel yet. I think that I took the whole day to get that driveway shoveled. LOL. My kids were 8 and 2 at that time so were about as much help as yours are now. :) Enjoy your holidays!.
Peace, Carolyn

Diana said...

I like your style! Merry Christmas!

Cherie said...

Oh, happy day!! Passing on the pie I can understand, passing on the mircobrews....that would be insanity ;) Have a safe drive and a warm, relaxing holiday once you arrive at your parents.