Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wherein I reveal just how bored I am today

I can't quite believe I'm about to just blurt this out, but it's been killing me for weeks, and I really need you all to weigh in. And I mean ALL of you: lurkers, time to man up and leave just one eensy post. NO WAIT. I'll make it even easier. Just click a button at the end of this post. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, as my girls like to say.

I want to start a quilting magazine.

NOT a print mag, not yet, anyway. I don't have that kind of cash laying around, and if I did, I certainly wouldn't be here on this ratty-ass couch blogging about it. No, an online magazine, with articles, interviews, tutorials, videos — the kind of content I always wish I could find, but never do. I want to have a repository of the best instructions to be found online for beginning quilters. I want to have ideas and patterns for quilts that people can actually make. Sometimes I look at quilt mags and think, "This is just quilt porn." All pretty and airbrushed and alluring, but not real.

I want it to have a sense of humor and a sense of style. I want it to celebrate imperfection and encourage experimentation. Mostly, I want it to be a good read.

I have a long way to go before I will get to where I want to be with this project. I will need to save (or raise?) some serious cash to pay someone to help me design and set it up. I will need to get lots of fellow bloggers on board to help me with content (and those same bloggers will have to be willing to work for free). I will need my children to become more self-sufficient and less likely to demand that I watch intently while they pick their noses.

But I also need to know if such an effort would be worthwhile. So I am begging you, even if you have never commented here and have no intention of ever doing so, even if, like me, you are generally an anti-social semi-hermit who hates participating in ANYTHING, please answer the poll question below anyway. One click is all I am asking.

Thank you!


floribunda... aka Julie said...

I voted "not sure" because so far I've been nonplussed by most of the online magazines, shows, podcasts... I guess I just don't know what I want! (from another semi-hermit, etc.)

HRH Gigi said...

I voted yes, but it is under the condition that this new magazine has personality, serious personality. That would be a good read.

Joy said...

I voted yes too, I think you'd be great at it :o). Good luck in your venture, you have a fabulous way with words and I wish you every success!!!

Jennie said...

I think an online magazine would be fun!

Tina said...

QUILT PORN!!!! But isn't that the fabulousness of quilting? - you can indulge any time you feel like it, in public and everything, and no-one so much as bats an eyelid!

I've even been know to DO IT in work;)


Cut-N-Shoot Quilting Diva said...

If you bring your attitude and humor to it, absolutely, I'm on board! I'll even help for free, if I can help at all.

JustCindy said...

I'm interested if the magazine is like your blog and the description you just gave.

Erin said...

I'm keenly interested in this, especially as a beginner who's trying to sort the wheat from the chaff.

While I'm not a designer, I do work at a web hosting company and can hook you up with someplace to put the thing and good resources to power it. I can contribute reviews and commentary and time... and metric pantloads of imperfections.

Vicki W said...

This is interesting because I was working on my Whistlestop Web tour the other day checking out all kinds of podcasts. In the middle listening to a lot of dull stuff I had a thought - Megan needs to do this, she would know how to do it right!

I agree with everyone else. It would have to be very strong to last in the market. You might also want to talk to Sue Bleiweiss about the mixed media magazine that she and Terri Stegmiller ran for a couple of years. She could give you some great insight on what to expect - time, getting contributors, costs, etc.

Love 2 Quilt said...

I voted yes. Your comments alone would make it worth reading. BTW I bought one of your t-shirts for a fellow quilter and she almost fell off her chair laughing so hard. She loved it.

Anonymous said...

I voted yes too and just I totally agree with what HRH Gigi said. We definitely need something with personality, humor and some realistic expectations!

Leah Day said...

Absolutely, positively, damn straight, YES!

Of course, this is with the understanding that you will not stop cussing, bitching, or complaining, right???

I'm on board for whatever you need. Just say the word.

And a word of advice: if you really want this, do it anyway, no matter what the fucking poll says.



Gene Black said...

I am glad that I am not the only one that thinks they "hide" the mistakes in those magazines!

Sarah Mac said...

Anything that gives me another reason not to watch my kid pick his nose is worthwhile to me!!!
You are amazing. Can't wait to see it unfold!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a quilter and a lurker from Alberta , Canada but did vote. Hope this magazine happens.


Esteemarlu said...

I think you are great for that project. Like others have said you're great with words. Have you thought about doing it with Ning? Just wondering. I have been quilting for 30 years and would love to contribute any info.

Mary said...

I think it sounds like a great idea. But don't forget us poor stranded folks out in the boonies who only have access to the internet through dial-up. Some websites I just give up on because they are sooooo long to download. And others work just fine. I don't know the techno difference but I don't want to be left out!

Tina H. said...

I voted yes, although I am not even sure I understand what an online magazine would or could look like. I have found a lot of inspiration and instruction from bloggers like Leah Day, the sillyboodilly and AmandaJean. I would not be interested in a site that has a bunch of unsolicited advertising jumping out or even worse, getting cookies from me. That said, I am a novice quilter with more stash than skill. I need all the help and permission to screw up I can get. Also, what do you do with ugly fabric?

Joyce said...

I voted yes. I hope you can transfer the tone of your blog into a magazine format.

Nancy said...

I would love an online magazine.
Some printable patterns? Some printable hand embroidery patterns? Would even be willing to pay a nominal fee...
Some good articles...some inside scoop...who's dating who in the quilting world..Well, maybe not that...cause who has time to date...but it might be interesting..LOL

The Calico Cat said...

I voted no, but I thought not sure. I have been so unimpressed with podcasts, real magazines, interviews on blogs, secret projects - aka I'm writing a book & can't talka bout it so my once good blog is now a piece of crap, etc. Maybe if it were encyclopedic & I was looking for something - but I stick with fairly safe & predictable.

P. said...

De-lurking to say I voted yes and I "third" what HRH Gigi said--i.e., infused with YOUR personality, please. I give you tons of credit for your willingness to consider such an undertaking!

Brenda said...

I think it's a great idea. You might need to tone down the "queen mother F-word" (as my sister calls it) to bring in a wider audience, but your smart-assness is fab and I think it would be totally cool!

Anonymous said...

Especially one with your humor!

Laurel said...

I can't wait!

KarenS said...

Not sure -- I like your word style, but I prefer magazines I can hold and fold. If I had an on-line mag I would just have to print it out and I'm deluged with paper all day long.
That said, there aren't a lot of quilt magazines I'm all that interested in anymore.
-from a lurker...

Anonymous said...

Did you mean me?

I love your blog, and "quilt porn", I love it! Your use of the words quilt porn that is. I don't love the quilts that are porn.

that's clear, right!

I can barely email and you want me to figure out how to leave a comment?!

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Kelley said...

I think it's a great idea! I would love to help for free (I'm unemployed right now anyway). I may do it the hard way but I have managed to make the most of my mistakes and come out the other end with a smile. Every quilt I have made has been a project of errors and love. Love your blog!