Saturday, November 28, 2009

Please Stand By

There is so much that I need to address here, but my family - that is, everyone but me - has been contaminated with a horrible cold, and they are all unable to fend for themselves. Thus, I am fending. The house is a mess, I haven't had a shower in days, nor much sleep, and I won't be able to do anything the justice it deserves.
So, let me at least say some things quickly:

Erin: Thank you. You are awesome. Go read her blog, y'all.

Anonymous: Please take my post in the spirit it was intended: the joke was that of all the comments I have ever received, that was the harshest. See, it's funny, 'cuz it wasn't harsh at all, really. Does that make sense? I wasn't really offended or hurt by it AT ALL. (Oh, and I wish I could post every day, hon, I really, really do. Maybe in 20 years when the kids are out of the house)

Leah: I AM going to get to it, I swear. God, I suck.

Sorry. It's hard to type when I am crusty with kid snot.


Leah Day said...

Hey, No pressure chicka!

My kid had so much snot yesterday it was coming out of his eyeballs. I'm not kidding. Eyeball boogers...

I feel your pain, but have found through much experimentation that a slight mix of whisky and apple juice is the perfect remedy for all that ails a toddler.

While that may have just inducted me firmly in the Fucked Up Mother's Hall of Fame, it works perfectly and doesn't cause nasty side effects, which is something children's cold medicine has yet to accomplish.

It might buy you a few minutes of freedom for a shower at least!

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