Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My day -in poor photography

Amy over at A Commonplace Life had an exquisitely beautiful rant the other day about hating Martha Stewart and her bland, unreasonable perfectionism. This also led her to think about the people who write to her, convinced that she is also some sort of uber-martha type, making every little thing that goes into her kids' mouths from scratch while looking gorgeous in her perfect house.

Ain't none of us perfect. I'm willing to bet even Martha walks around with a booger on the end of her nose every once in a while.

So, Amy has started a blog-ring type thing called Moments. It's just about keeping real life in mind when you post, but for me it's kind of a way to try to document and maybe even celebrate some of the chaos in my life. And also, since I am spending most of my time editing and not sewing, it gives me something to blog about for the next week.

Behold, my work space:

From The Bitchy Stitcher

From The Bitchy Stitcher

Yep, I work in the kitchen. What was intended to be my "office," part of the basement, has been taken over by sewing. We put another desk in the bedroom where my husband keeps his office, but I can't look out a window there, and what good is an office without a distracting view?

There are always wadded up tissues near me because I have a perpetual runny nose. Though the girls have an "art table" downstairs next to my sewing area, they prefer to use the kitchen table as well, so the markers and crayons and Play-Doh all migrates up here. Always a plastic cup with Dr. Pepper. Always a empty container of something unhealthy to eat. A dying plant. And my stippled table runner hidden under it all.

I sit here and hack away at other people's writing, wishing I was quilting, wishing I had the capacity to deal with all this clutter, wishing I was Martha Stewart. But also, being glad to be doing work that I love, to be raising two strong, healthy girls, to have a husband who gets me and loves me.

I guess that's why I'm posting this today. Sometimes, even a bitch needs to remind herself that her life is really pretty good.


Leah Day said...

Life is more than good with a bit of dirt on the edges.

If you could see my house, my quilting room, or hell, my kitchen, on any given day, you would know you are the NORM.

What's the point in keeping things clean just to have to clean them again when they get dirty?

Seems rather pointless to me...

If you dream of quilting all day AND making money at it, follow that dream. Don't worry about the dirt, grime, or clutter.

Don't pass go and don't collect $200. Go quilt!


Amy said...

Thank you.

Really - just thank you.

quiltaholic said...


Carolyn aka Silkquilter said...

Well said.

Joyce said...

Remember that Martha has a huge team of experts to help her be perfect. And I have heard that she screams at them when something is not perfect. That makes her less than perfect. I'd like to have a team, just so I'd have someone to yell at besides my husband. And I could fire them. Lol.

joanne lendaro said...

I have always said "I could be Martha if I had a staff". Unfortunately my family fails to bow to my every whim, therefore, Martha I am not! As always, thanks for the chuckle, and I'll take that cheap kid you've got up for sale!

Linda said...

Ha! There's too much white in your pictures...almost virginal...and not what I'd expect from a bitchy stitcher. Now, perhaps if you redecorate to a Martha color...on second thought...her colors are too much too bland for you. Just go for it!