Sunday, November 15, 2009

From the inaugural issue of Table Runner Times

Big thanks to everyone who voted in the last post, as well as to all those who have joined in over on Facebook. I'm sure most of the people who have become fans on FB have commented here before, and I know you only as QuiltFreak298 or BitsyPookums or something, only now I'm seeing your real names and thinking, "Who the hell are you?"

My second article, entitled "How to Make a Simple Tote bag...Not!" (and the "...Not!" was an addition by the editors, I must inform you) is in the current issue of Quilter's Home, for those of you who haven't sworn to never pick up another copy so long as you live so help you GOD. AND I have just been told that they are printing a third piece in the February issue! I'm very excited about that one, because I had a blast writing it. I just hope somebody is still reading the mag by that point. I also hope that they'll get my goddamn name right by then as well. If I could ever learn to applique, I'd put it on a pillow for them.

This weekend, I decided to tackle the table runners my mom requested that I make for her. She only expected me to use a single fabric for the front and back, but I really wanted to piece it; otherwise, where's the fun? I searched for a table runner pattern that would be simple enough for me to handle and would be easy to increase to the size she needed (72 inches!). Finally, I just got out my graph paper and made a pattern myself.

Now, it's a damn good thing I work with words and didn't become an accountant or an architect or something, because it's not 72 inches; it's 76. Still, I'm pleased with myself for having come up with the pattern on my own. And I'm well aware that there is nothing even remotely difficult or even original about what I came up with - the miracle is that I managed to concentrate long enough to work out the details. Considering the number of toddler tantrums I have endured over the last three days, it's a wonder I have managed to dress myself properly and maintain a modicum of personal hygiene.


Leah Day said...

HA! I hear you on toddler tantrums. I'm living for 6 years old when his dexterity will be good enough to addict him to video games and buy me some peace and quiet.

It's an awesome runner and great job on designing it yourself. It may be simple, but it's a great start to bigger and better designs!

I'm still reading quilters home and laughed out loud when I saw your name. I could hear you cussing the whole time I read the article.

It's weird...Mark is no longer apart of that mag, but most articles are still signed xoxo M.

Any idea what that's about?


Mary said...

Love Yellow and Blue, Love your blog! Hugs, Mary

Brenda said...

Gotta love that graph paper - it is perfect for us "non-mathmaticians"

floribunda... aka Julie said...

I was going to ask the same question that Leah Day did -- I was surprised that Mark was still all over the magazine. Loved your article!

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