Friday, May 29, 2009

Catwoman sitting on Robin's face

Sorry, freaks! Nothing perverted here (unless you count my sewing skills).

Production for the next issue of the magazine I work for has begun and I already have to completely rewrite 2 articles. I haven't even seen about half the articles that are slated for this issue yet, so God knows what more I have ahead of me. I'll be lucky to have time to eat or shower over the next two weeks, much less quilt or write about it.

So please forgive me if posting is sparse over the next couple of weeks. Know that as I slave over a hot computer, turning verbal shit into gold, I'll also be looking longingly at my sewing table...and thinking of you.


lesthook said...

LOL! You did it! Now to see how many hits you get!

Joy said...

LOL Love it ... I wonder how many kinky batman titles you can come up with ... I can't wait to see he he he.
Joy :o)