Thursday, April 30, 2009

Someday, there will be new posts

Oh, lordy, I've been so busy. AND plagued with writer's block st the same time, so that even when I have a moment to jot off a post, I just stare at the screen until I can't take it anymore and I have to go get a cookie. And as you know, once you abandon the computer to get a cookie, there's just no going back.

I am leaving at the ass crack of dawn to meet my sister in Abingdon, VA where we shall hole up in a hotel room for 2 days with beer and sewing machines and I will learn the secret of perfect triangles. And the question is, will I offer up the secret in the generous spirit of quilterly sisterhood I have been so fortunate to find among the commenters here? Or will I stay true to my evil nature and make you do tricks for it? WHO CAN SAY?

In the meantime, here is a picture of what my mother brought me on her visit this past weekend. I'm not sure if it's going to get much use beyond the kids standing on it and playing pirate captains.


Sheila said...

Gorgeous hoop! Enjoy your getaway; I can't wait to see your new technique in action.

Linda said...

As a purely machine stitcher, I love the alternate job for your hoop!!
Lurking Linda

jen said...

Since I can't machine quilt or hand quilt, I got nothin' for the hoop. However, I may be willing to do a trick or 2 for the triangle secret...

Enjoy your weekend with sister!

joanne lendaro said...

Enjoy the time with your sister! Don't drink and drive, (your sewing machine) learn lots of new things, and remember it's nice to share! lol!!


Carrie (in TX) said...

ARRR, Matey! I think the hoop would get the same treatment in my house!

Enjoy your stitchy get-away! Just remember to crush the beer cans on your head, NOT the pin cushion and you are all set!