Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh, for Pete's sake

I was ironing the binding for my husband's coffee quilt (which just came back from the quilter) and because I can't see too well I was leaning down over the ironing board and steam shot out of the side of the iron and burned my big, fat belly. Not that that stopped me from finishing. Once I took a peek, I saw a massive blister, the skin already starting to peel away.

Frankly, I wouldn't have been at all surprised if I had picked up that iron and pressed it right to the side of my head when the phone rang. And the fact that I have not yet tried to amputate a digit with my rotary cutter means that IT"S JUST A MATTER OF TIME.


Vicki W said...

Burned stomach with iron...check
Tried to slice off finger with rotary cutter...check, twice
and sewed through finger...check (I was only nine years old that time)

Chris said...

Sorry but this part made me giggle
"Frankly, I wouldn't have been at all surprised if I had picked up that iron and pressed it right to the side of my head when the phone rang."

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Ouch, that must have hurt. I have burned my arms several times. I don't know where my head was. LOL! Take care of the burn...antibiotic creme or burn creme might help. :) Karen

KateKwiltz said...

Yes, but have you cut a chunk of your bangs because you didn't have your glasses on and still wanted to get the fabric cut? Not my finest moment.

I recommend aloe.

Saska said...

Oh, how I can relate! We need to get together and compare scars.

Linda said...

Mmmmm, steam burned the side of my breast when I lifted a pot lid once. Talk about hurt! Steam burns seem to take longer to heal as well! You take care of you!
Lurking Linda

Patty said...

Maybe you should write to American Patchwork and Quilting and tell them you have a new hint for their next issue.

But I have run a sewing machine needle thru my finger. Not my finest moment.

bingo~bonnie said...

you need to put out a warning at the top of your blog - "MUST WEAR A DEPENDS if you want to read this blog"

LOLOLOL before tonight I have never laughed out loud while reading the internet! sure I've typed LOL but was only laughing in my head out loud...

this post had me laughing so hard I sprayed my laptop with spit a little! :P gross I know, but true.

so thank you very much, now I need to find some windex wipes, b/c I tried to wipe off with my hand and just made it smear. :P

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Chris said...

I knew quiting was a dangerous sport(lets all say "rotary cutters")but who knew irons could permenantly scar bellybuttons!