Monday, September 22, 2008

Stag beetle - LOVE IT!

The Bento Box quilt continues to progress bit by bit:

Harper, my oldest, declared last night that I had done it all wrong because the colors don't line up right. I reminded her that she regularly puts her clothes on backwards, so she might not be the authority on such matters.

On Sunday morning, we dragged the girls out for our usual weekly grocery trip, and decided to stop by a new store that opened this summer: Fresh World International Supermarket. This place is so fresh, they don't even have a website (I have no idea what that means), though they do have a few locations in the D.C. area. It caters largely to the Asian community, though they also carry a good number of Latino items. On this trip, we found that they had begun stocking some Indian goods, but the selection was not quite what we had hoped for.

But no matter - because there's plenty there to keep eaters like us happy. We're basically willing to eat anything that comes from any other country, with specific emphasis on Asian cuisines. We weren't really prepared with any recipes that we needed ingredients for, so we just ended up buying stuff for fun (not a smart way to grocery shop these days - but this place is pretty cheap as well).

This is what I had for lunch today:

which is like a Thai version of Top Ramen. It had several packets of flavoring to add: an oil, dried vegetables, the soup base, and chili powder. Not only was it tasty, but Harper - she who only eats plain spaghetti and cheese pizza - loved it and kept stealing noodles from my bowl. then we had dessert:

It has these cracker/cookie sticks that you dip into a little vat of chocolate icing. The best part of the whole thing is that the crackers are printed with little pictures of an animal, and then some brief saying related to it, like "HORSE - GALLOP AWAY" or "OWL - ACTIVE AT NIGHT." These were my favorite:

I want to make a t-shirt that says STAG BEETLE - LOVE IT!

We also got a bunch of other noodle soups and our other favorite Japanese chocolate snack: Pocky. Pocky are thin pretzel sticks covered in chocolate. We got the dark chocolate, which is, apparently, more masculine than milk chocolate:

Next time we go, I'm going to take pictures of the HUGE live fish they have in the seafood section. And if we're lucky, there'll be eels!


Carrie said...

I remember Yan Yan!!! Growing up in NYC... I had access to all sorts of neat foods. Wow, what a flashback! I remember the sayings too, not to mention scraping the tiny "vat" of chocolate with my pinky! :)YUM.

I won;t mention how bad Top Ramen (or its authentic Asian counterparts) is for you ;)

Jen said...

You must see if they have botan rice candy (they will, most Asian stores do...) When my sister and I were kids, we would clutch our quarters and walk down to the Asian market in our town and buy those little it!