Monday, September 29, 2008


After a week in which I exercised more and ate the same as the last two weeks, I HAVE GAINED BACK THREE POUNDS.

Since I am clearly doomed to being fat forever, I'm going to go eat several chocolate chip cookies while grinding up vegetables in the garbage disposal. Then I'm going to ask the trash collectors if I can watch while they smash my scale in the compactor.

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Linda said...

I agree with you - Take a video of that - I want to watch it too!!! :D
More and more I get frustrated about my weight! Every time I go to dr cause I am sick coughing or sick to stomache the jerk brings up my weight, sugar, choles, etc... There are days I just want to take down every mirror in our house! lol I already do NOT look at myself when I open the car door or go into a store that has windows! LOL Denial at it's best! Just do the best you can!! Don't let the scale become your enemy! :) But... I still want a video of the scale smashing! lmao!
Good luck!