Monday, September 15, 2008

I hate patterns

My pattern for the Flea Market Bag arrived today, so I've been hunched over my worktable, trying to affix paper to fabric (low-tack tape or pins? super glue? fairy dust?) and then cut out shapes that look like the ones on the paper. I hate cutting out patterns.

I also received my Bento Box quilt pattern and I'm really itching to get started on it, but I have to pick out fabric. I really want to use some of the same fabrics, plus others in the same vein, that I used in my sushi bag. The quilt will be for my husband - he is a sushi fanatic, and also wastes large amounts of time looking at pictures of actual bento boxes on Flickr

Oh! And here is the update for Week One: The 3 glasses of water a day - total failure. I think I drank two on the first day, maaaaybe one the second, and not a drop since. I am sure to develop a kidney stone the size of my head. However, the 30 minutes of exercise 3 days a week was a success. On top of that, I somehow stopped snacking between meals. In our last few grocery trips, I just haven't bought any of my usual treats, and I've been doing a lot of cooking. Since breads are another of my weaknesses, I've made an unspoken rule for myself that any bread I eat - I have to make it. So I've made 3 loaves in the bread machine, plus popovers, pizza dough, and I've even made homemade pasta twice. And except for my beloved Dr Pepper, I'm attempting to eliminate as much high fructose corn syrup as possible from my diet.

Net result: lost 2 pounds! If week 2 progresses as well, I'll know there's hope.

So, on to Week 2:

1. Try again with the water
2. Keep up the exercise
3. Add at least one vegetable to at least one meal each day.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen any of the pro-high fructose corn syrup commercials? Quite convincing... I have decided my children will begin each day with a nice, big glass of it each morning... with none of those nasty additives like vitamins or anti-oxidants.