Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Anyone out there have any good ideas for a homemade gift for a baby just turning one? I've been taking care of my friend's baby girl in the afternoons when her and her husband's shifts overlap (they are both cops) and she is just such a funny, sweet little shmoopie:

I'd love to give her something handmade by her Aunt Meggie, but I don't think a six-pocket handbag is quite the thing (the only thing I am confident I can make between now and October 2). She's got eight million relatives working on quilts for her, so I'd like to do something other than that. Any ideas would be most appreciated - as long as they don't involve, you know, darts.


Carrie said...

How about some cloth blocks? OR my friend made on of these grip toys! CUTE:

You could make a notted baby doll:

I just picked up a doll kit from to try to make a doll for my daughter for x-mas. That should be interesting!

Carrie said...

HMM, not sure why that first link didn't publish correctly. Here it is again in 2 parts: