Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fabric sale, Part 3

And now these are all gone! Boy, you  people love cheap fabric, don't you? Half-yard bundles tomorrow!

Reminders: I will ship internationally, but I will invoice you for the remainder of the shipping charge. I will hold off on shipping if you let me know you want to wait until you've seen more stuff. We are almost through the fat quarter bundles and will do half yard bundles soon. If shipping ends up being cheaper that I have charged, I will refund you the difference.

Black and White and Red All Over Bundle

I have a massive collection of black and white fat quarters, many of which I got from my mom's old stash back in December. I still don't know what I plan to do with them. I just know that I love them and I would shove my own grandma out of the way to get more just like them. But these don't quite fit with the others, even though these are WAY COOL. And the red gives it some extra zing. Buy them, and I will use the money to actually buy more black and white FQs instead of being mean to granny. Two sets of 8 fat quarters each, sold separately.

Red And Black and White Bundle: $10.00 + $5.35 shipping.


Campfire Bundle

When I first started quilting,  I couldn't cut my own fabric to save my own life, so I bought lots and lots of pre-cut squares and strips on eBay. There was one particular seller who always had great deals and cool fabrics, so I bought a lot, but her fabrics always smelled like they had been salvaged from a burning building. Finally, I took a look at one of her listings and waaaaay down at the bottom in very fine print, it said:

we do use and enjoy our wood burning fireplace in the winter

Apparently, she used it to store her fabric. But that is NOT the case with these fine FQs. These have all been pre-washed, so they are a little fuzzy on the edges AND - bonus! - they all smell like a spring linen rain shower. Or something. Okay, they smell like All-tempa-cheer. Do they even still call it that? Or make that?

15 fat quarters with several duplicates (you can tell which ones if you look close at the photo), in colors from brown to orange to yellowy-tan. Or mustard yellow? Dijon?

Campfire Bundle: $15.00 + $9.00 shipping


Understated Elegance Bundle

I bought these in Nashville—Franklin, actually, but I call everything around Nashville "Nashville"—when I went to see my brother a couple years ago. I have no idea why I bought them. They are basically black with tan print. Lovely. Really, I quite like these. I'll just never ever use them except to run my hands over them, lovingly, on occasion and I can do that with all my Kaffe Fasset and Jane Sassaman, so maybe you should have them. 4 fat quarters.

Understated Elegance bundle: $6.00 + $5.35 shipping


The Murky Depths Bundle

These are deep, dark greens. Mysterious greens. The green of a deep and glassy Scottish loch, perhaps. The green of an ancient reptile lurking in a misty jungle. The green of a jealous man's twisted soul. Whatever. They're pretty and you should buy them and make a tea cozy out of them. (And seriously, they are darker than the picture shows.)

10 fat quarters with three duplicates.

Murky Depths Bundle: $10.00 + $5.35 shipping


Super Fun Kiddie Bundle

I am NOT making any more baby quilts. No one seems to like them very much, or at least not as much as I think they ought to considering the amount of effort I put into it, so I'm just going to go over into this corner and sulk while I plan all my GROWN-UP quilts for ADULTS (namely, me) who appreciate all my hard work. (Unlesss, of course, you really want me to make one, and then okay. I will. For you. But just you.)

8 fat quarters

Super Fun Kiddie Bundle: $8.00 + $5.35 shipping


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