Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fabric sale, part 2

Everything has been sold today. Stop back at noon tomorrow and see if I've managed to put more up!

Okay, shipping is going to work differently, since I was too lazy to actually weigh things before and it turns out that fabric is REALLY heavy and I somehow thought I could shove a lot into packaging much smaller than was truly practical. So now each has a different shipping price based on weight  and most things will be sent Parcel Post, though some will get Priority if it fits in one of the small boxes or envelopes.  Remember, if you want to wait and see what else there is coming before I ship it, just say so in the message to seller when you check out.

Non-partisan Bundles

I really have no opinion about these bundles. Some fabrics, sure, I'm all, like, "Hey these fabrics SUCK" or "You know, I think I want to have sex with these fabrics, they are so lovely." But these, somehow, I cannot seem to form a strong opinion about. If they were fighting in a cage match, or, say, running against each other for some sort of political office, I doubt I could choose. I would pretty much just stay out of it and hoard my gold.

There are four bundles, two of the tan neutrals in the top picture with 10 fat quarters in each and two silvery grey neutrals with 5 FQs in each.

Tan Neutral FQ bundle: $10 + $5.35 shipping

Grey Neutral FQ bundle: $5.00 + $5.35 shipping


Riley Blake Bundle

21 fat quarters from the Felicity collection by Emily Taylor for Riley Blake. You can see the fabrics in a quilt here and in other places here. Yeah, this is not funny at all, is it? Right now my foot feels like one of those Bugs Bunny cartoons where he blows into his glove and has a big, bulbous hand. And right across my toes, there is this massive purple bruise—which just appeared out of nowhere today—and that's not even where it got hurt. Hey, at least I refrained from telling you about my husband's bathroom.

Riley Blake Bundle: $25.00 + $9.00 shipping.


Glittering Golden Bundle

When I was a kid, anytime I had a new box of crayons I would remove the gold and silver ones and keep them under my pillow because I believed they were precious and would, therefore, give me good dreams. These 14 fat quarters are all golden and shiny and glittery and so just imagine the kind of dreams you'd have with these under your pillow. Or, no - you could make pillowcases out of them and lay your sweet little head directly on all that golden goodness. I bet you'd dream about sweaty, head-banging sex with Joe Manganiello EVERY NIGHT. Instead of every other night, like you do now.

These are mostly Hoffman fabrics, some from the Kashmir line, and others from a couple Christmasy collections. 14 FQs in all. Did I say that already?

Glittering Golden Bundle: $15 + $5.70 shipping.

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