Thursday, June 14, 2012

Delaying sale


We need to have a little chat, y'all.

I am one of those stupid, sick individuals who wants to make everybody happy. Even when it's impossible. Even when I don't actually know the people in question. I seriously considered just selling these things on eBay because I've done it before and I know how it works, but I wanted you all to have the chance to see them and get them first.

I'm really pleased that everything so far has sold, but apparently many other people are not.

First, those of you who get the email subscription service: I do not send those out myself. That is a Feedburner service, and when you sign up for it over there in the sidebar, you get an email every time I put up a new post. HOWEVER, Feedburner does not see fit to send those emails at the exact same time that I make the post. I have tried tweaking the time, but there is always a significant delay, and I am afraid there seems to be nothing I can do. But you can! You can actually visit the website through your browser (here's the address: I have been trying to post the sales at noon, EST every day. I usually announce it on Facebook, but I will just declare here and now that noon is the time to look. 

Second, everybody else: I'm sorry that the time doesn't work for you or you can't use the internet at work or you live an a tree and eat beetles and can't read. I would fix all of those things if I could. But the best I can do is post when it works for me and try to let you know ahead of time.

And confidential to the person who was so freaked out that I am selling my entire stash: oh, honey. This is but a fraction. A tiny, tiny fraction. Remember when I got all that fabric from my mom? This barely scratches that surface. I am keeping a TON of her stuff, plus I still have plenty of my own. I have more fabric than any reasonable person could possibly use. And I will still hoard most of it like an insane bread wrapper collector. 

So, I'm going to delay this a couple days, just to give myself a breather and give everyone a chance to read this. The half-yards will go up at noon EST on Saturday, June 16. I'm including the pics so you can see what's coming. I cannot promise them to you ahead of time, so please don't ask. 

And I'll tell you what I tell my kids: I still love you, even when you drive me crazy.

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