Saturday, October 18, 2008

Will sell myself for blog hits

Yesterday at Chez Bitchy was spent carving pumpkins and acquiring a very important white Power Ranger costume for a certain 5-year-old. I had hoped that by teaching myself to sew and immersing myself in the world of crafty blogs, I would finally be in touch with the part of the brain that can create cool Halloween costumes. The last time I had a great idea for a costume, I had neither enough time nor willing participants to execute it. It was to be me and three other girls, festooned with crowns and dresses constructed from feminine hygiene products. We would be Queen Tampax and her lovely daughters Stayfree, Carefree, and Maxine. Trust me, the idea is way funnier when you're 20 years old and stoned (NOT that I would know). But other than that the Halloween fairies have never graced me with another original thought, or even with the gumption to copy something else. I think the last time I dressed up was in eighth grade, and I was still using the black cape and grey wig from my role as the hag the wicked queen turns into from my 3rd grade school production of Snow White. Even now, with the plethora of costumes available for purchase online, the "plus-size" selection is limited to "sexy" pirates and vampires. I'm about as sexy as a mailbox, and just as shapely.

I'm so glad my tutorial has been received so well! I have to admit I've become kind of a whore for blog traffic and I've been obsessively looking at my Feedjit stats over to the right. Feedjit gives you a real-time list of who is on your site, listed by geographic location and how they got there. (Don't worry - it doesn't tell me anything private.) For instance, I can see if someone found me through a link on another site (and thank you everyone who has linked back here after receiving your awards!) or if they got here through a Google search. A couple weeks ago, someone actually searched for "quit job fuck all y'all" on google and this post came up second! See - profanity can be useful - don't let your mama tell you otherwise.

Honestly though, I love seeing your comments and seeing so many new visitors come through here. Every time I see that someone from Norway or Finland or Japan has been here, I imagine them shaking their head and muttering "Americans..." as they quickly click on to something more relevant. But if I can make one Scandinavian, one Pacific Islander laugh at a stupid pot joke - well, then not knowing how to sew worth a damn won't seem quite as pathetic.


Vicki W said...

ROFLOL! Profanity is underrated - I find it most useful and often the only perfect sentiment.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog--name, contents & comments. I have been wanting to start a blog & was just doing a little research when I came across yours. When we lived in PA & a few of my friends got together to quilt--my hubby called us the "Stitching Bitches". I now live on the C&D Canal & we go by the Canal Quilters sometimes. Actually the name of my business is Canal Quilting--I do longarm quilting and custom quilted items, teach etc. Anyway--I love your first quilts--your sister did a great job! Best of all CONGRATULATIONS on the weigh lost. It is slow--I know--I went from 197 on Oct 3, 2007 to 157-160 now. I just cannot seem to get off this 157-160. I actaully said my scales must be BROKE or just STUCK there. But good luck & I do love your blog.

Myra said...

Queen Tampax...stoned...whore for blog crack me up Megan!! LOL! 8-)
I used to watch my counter every day to estimate how many hits I would get in a day, but don't watch it that much now. Think it was 50 to 65 hits a day, so there is a lot of viewing traffic that just don't comment... a pity really.
I find that visiting and commenting on other blogs get you some regulars, and you really start getting to know some of these wonderful quilters out long as you continue to visit and comment on their blogs. 8-)
I will often visit bloggers all over the world through "Quilting Bloggers" that you have on your sidebar. There is sooooooo many great blogs out there, and the photos of their homeland is amazing!!! I've gotten to know quit a few people that way...
Just some of my thoughts on getting more traffic for ya... and just rambling/babbling due to insomnia... Can't seem to sleep anymore...8-)
Take care!
Happy stitchings...or not? 8-)

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I saw your blog a few months ago and then I lost it
I found you!

I added you to as a "follow" .... Im only bitcht when I am not stichin'

I love how your quilts turned out.
you a funny gal

Anonymous said...

Lolol.... you have made my day :o)I saw "the bitchy stitcher" come up in a blog... well I just had to see what was up... and I am glad I did!

Carol said...

I finally took Feedjit off of my blog. For some reason I kept wanting to travel and wasn't getting anything done. Now I don't know where anyone is coming from and have put my suitcases back in the closet.

But it is a nice little thing isn't it?