Thursday, October 30, 2008

Inching my way back

Well, that was unfortunate. I had a migraine that lasted between 3 and 4 days, and the last day was Monday. My husband couldn't take off work and I had no one to call upon to help me, so I watched over my girls while lying on the couch, ice packs pressed fruitlessly to my cranium, hoping that 14 straight hours of TV wouldn't permanently scar them.

Since then, I've just been trying to catch up on all the things I wasn't able to do for those days - like eat, shower, and not want to die - and the girls have been clinging to each leg as I do them. And if I should try to sit at the computer for 10 or 15 minutes to dash off a quick blog post, the little one grabs my hand and yells, "Pull, pull, PULL!" Which means, "I am pulling on you because you are obviously doing nothing of any real importance and ARE YOU LISTENING? PLAY WITH ME. NOW. DON'T MAKE ME GET OUT THE BOOK THAT MAKES HIDEOUS MUSIC."

So thank you everyone who commented while I was away. I'm sorry I wasn't able to answer anyone back, but I'm sure you understand I couldn't risk having my eyeballs explode.

I'm working on a post that I may or may not decide to publish that is not funny at all, but I swear the potty mouth you come here to read will return soon.

In the meantime, I'll show you my next project. I found this tutorial for making soft baby blocks, and it actually made so much sense that I was able to read it once and then do it without having to refer back to it. I could do these in my sleep now, though I would surely still manage to poke myself in the face with a pin each time (seriously) because no matter how good I get at this (ha) I will never lose my capacity to be a total spaz.

From The Bitchy Stitcher


Vicki W said...

OMG, a 4-day migraine? You ahve all of my sympathy. I'd be suicidal! Do any of the medications work for you? I'd be the Bitchy Stitcher too if I had a 4-day migraine - especially with kids around! Egads.

Anonymous said...

welcome back megan .. i know your pain and having to deal with little ones would try the patience of mother teresa while suffering with one .. if they weren't your's you would likely expose them on a hillside in subzero weather ..

yup been there and hated it!

glad you are feeling better!!

KateKwiltz said...

welcome back! glad you're feeling better, i missed your blog-fanity!

Myra said...

Welcome back Megan! Glad you are feeling better... 8-)
I think you did well with your children in this situation, considering some mother's eat their young for much less...

Sherry said...

Sorry you have been laid up with a migraine. Glad to hear you are feeling better...hope you are 100% soon. Happy Halloween!!!

jen said...

Hope you are feeling better-we miss you out here!

London Mummy said...

Migraines - yuk! Poor you but glad to hear you are feeling better now. Thanks for the kind words about my soft baby cube tutorial - just glad it made sense!

Linda said...

Hope you are feeling better! We all still have the flu bug :( Feels like it will never leave!
Keeping you in my thoughts & hoping things look better soon!