Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trying...not to...celebrate...with....doughnut

If you recall, my weight since I began The Bitchy Stitcher diet and exercise plan has been, shall we say, up and down. Let's review:

Week 1: Lost 2 pounds
Week 2: Lost 2 pounds
Week 3: Gained back all 4 pounds, and on one day, apparently another pound on top of that.

Last week was kind of a rotten week for the Plan. I managed to get to the gym on Monday and Tuesday, but then the anemia fatigue set in and I knew it was unwise to exert myself until I got some energy back. Then I got the baby's cold on top of that, and I was just a miserable sack of poo.

I haven't been back to the gym since I want to really get my iron stores back up first, but my eating has stayed relatively the same. I will admit to a few chocolate chip cookies between meals on a couple days, but otherwise the snacking has been low to non-existent. I've still been kicking back the Dr. Peppers, though, cause I'm not a freakin' masochist.

So, I manage to score a shower this evening (and anyone with young children may understand why I chose to use the word "score." The solitude, the yummy smells getting rid of the yucky ones, SHAVED LEGS - it's as good as a hit off a bong (NOT that I would know) and about as easy for someone like me to come by) and I decide to torture myself on the scale that I never threw in the trash truck. And what does that fucker tell me?

THAT I LOST TWO MORE POUNDS!!!!!. All that weight that I seemed to have gained back is gone, plus two more pounds. I have now gone from 197 to 191.

Please excuse me now while I go do a very embarrassing happy dance.

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Carol said...

Megan I am happy you feel happy about losing a few pounds but still you have to remember that not everyone is itty bitty. As long as you feel healthy and get exercise that is important.