Monday, February 1, 2010

That and the chin zits

Know how I can tell when my period is coming?

When I can't think of anything even remotely chuckleworthy to say.

Like now.

I just started a post about how I want to kick the kids out of their bedroom and take it over as my sewing room/media empire headquarters.

When I went back to read it, I realized I had merely described, in detail, the precise layout of my entire house WITH MEASUREMENTS and lists of every piece of furniture in each room.


I'm going to go scrape gunk out of the fish tanks now and hope that the Red Menace has its way with me soon so I can get back to the quilty witticisms.

And P.S.

I still haven't been paid.


Kate Quilts said...

Unpaid and PMS-y? If I lived close enough I would be round with chocolate cake and wine. We could measure your new studio area together. :)

Shay said...

Legally , if you have PMS and you demand your due pay with, say a gun while using a lot of profane language they cant prosecute you.

Although I'm not a lawyer and maybe thats something I only dreamed about.....

Brenda said...

PMS is TERRIBLE. I think the reason we get PMS is if we didn't we would just be too perfect to live with - this keeps marriage on a more even keel. (That's what I tell my hubby anyway)

Marion said...

Sounds like you may not be able to quit the job before the job disappears completely. Yeah, I'd go ask them. During PMS or after, I can't decide. I love your sense of humor!

Erin said...

At least you have the decency and common sense *not* to post the detailed lists and measurements... whereas I, once I have written it, post it anyhow. ;-)

Also, I am trying very hard not to express my abject envy of your snow. (See!! I just failed to self-edit right there.)

I'm about to get hit with the menace myself, and I'm all mopey and woe is me. Bah.

Good luck to us both!