Sunday, February 7, 2010


These pictures do not do justice to the insane amount of snow that fell on us yesterday, but they do show my cute kids having fun while my husband shovels a path.

Approximately 28 inches of snow fell on top of the 3 or 4 that was already there from Wednesday and the 8 from last Saturday. And seriously, if I hear one more person go, "Awww! I love snow! I wish it would snow like that here," I will bring you some snow in a big box and bury you in it for a week and then YOU CAN SEE HOW IT FEELS.

This snow was so massive and fell so fast, that there was no way snowplows or road crews could keep up with it. In all our last storms, enough people with 4-wheel drive and no sense drove in and out of our cul-de-sac to tamp down the snow and make a driveable surface, but not even those loons were willing to go out in this, so the road is as deep as everywhere else. God knows when we'll get out of here.

I predict that schools will be closed most of the week, so that combined with being housebound indefinitely will make any posts I manage to compose increasingly nutty, so that by the end of the week, everything will be in ALL CAPS AND I'LL BE BEGGING YOU ALL TO SEND SCHNAPPS AND CHOCOLATE BY HELICOPTER. I'M SURE THE NATIONAL GUARD WILL BE HAPPY TO TO AN AIR DROP.

In other news, my brother goes under the knife on Thursday and I quit my job last week. Fun times all around!


Noodles said...

Dear Bitchy Stitcher:
You, as we say in the biz, appear to have buried the lede in that post. And yes, I spelled lede that way, b/c that's how we hardcore journos do.... Congrats on quitting the job (I hope they finally sent that paycheck), prayers for your brother as he has his surgery, and I'm sending you all sorts of warm, boozey and chocolatey wishes as you face the cold, stark reality of being stuck inside your home with your snow-bound children. :-)
Hang in there and hope you get SOME time on the sewing machine.

P.S. I was home in Maryland this week and realized the sad reality that the Eastern Shore had more snow that I have in Chicago. Talk about a snOMG!

joanne lendaro said...

Holy Crap!! You are going to be crazied by the end of the week! Looking forward to seeing all of those CAPS post....

Hoping and praying that your brothers health issues are resolved quickly.

Spend a couple of days in your jammies lounging with the kiddos and enjoy, or at least try too!

Thinking of you!!

whitey said...

You will truly know the term CABIN FEVER by the end of the week. Good luck to your brother hope things go well for him.

Carrie (now in VA, not TX) said...

Slipped in that "quit my job" at the end... brave move. It was necessary Megan, especially since you were really just volunteering the last few weeks!

We got snow again, too. GRR. I miss Texas! Not looking forward to another cabin fever, kid filled week either!

Lynn E said...

Dear Mz Bitchy
I am taking the time to write this in the hopes that In times of your writing career that this is just a slight bump.
On another note, about the snow I live in the shit for 6 months of the year , pull on your big girl snow pants and make a igloo. lol

Joyce said...

The good news is that your girls are incredibly cute and look pretty happy in the snow. Good luck with the air drop of chocolate etc.

Brenda said...

I was going to say I was jealous about all of your snow, but I don't have children home to be trapped with and I only moved to our mildy snowy country (Utah) about 6 years ago, so I have yet to be "snowed in". The worst I have it when it snows a lot is I have to go and brush the snow off the the satelite dish to get TV reception. Good luck with the job stuff.

Marion said...

I'll take about 4-6 inches of the snow, maybe someone else will take some and you can have fun in it again.

And have you been paid?

Vicky said...

Wow busy time you are having!

Yuki said...

LOL Isn't snow fun. Hope you have liquor or hide in the sewing room.

ttfn :) Yuki

Love 2 Quilt said...

I hate snow too, and know how you feel. Good luck to your brother. And if I could I'd send some chocolate and maybe booze by dog sled to help you get thru the next week.

P. said...

I missed the thing about you quitting your job when I skimmed through the first time (sorry). I just wanted to say congrats on moving forward, and good luck on whatever comes next! Has the snow melted much yet? Wow, you got buried!