Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm still waiting for my schnapps

Last week was "Ooooh - a package!" week here at Chez Bitchy. First, I took delivery of Harper's new bunk bed from Ikea, which is of course, so much more than a mere bunk bed. It is also a pirate ship, a castle, a basketball hoop (a really, really big basketball hoop), and the source of a conflict with my husband that made me walk out of the room and take an hour-long shower just to make him have to struggle with the damn thing alone while the kids asked every two minutes, "Is it done?" Good times.

Then I received the nicest package from one of my 7 or 8 regular readers, Michele. She had asked me a few weeks ago for my address, and helpfully added that she was not a stalker! Because, boys and girls, a blog stalker generally announces his or her intentions to kill you right up front. So, when handing out your personal information to total strangers, always look for the Non-Stalker Guarantee: I AM NOT A STALKER. You're welcome.

I had assumed that Michele was responding to my plea for chocolate and schnapps back when we got dumped on (i.e., endured a massive snowstorm), and, indeed, she came through with the chocolate:

But then, to my giddy surprise, there was more:

How cool is all that? I don't usually invest in quilting books of that sort, though I love them, and this one is fantastic. The pattern is for a PAPER PIECED quilt, and she even included some fabric strips to get me started.

Yep, paper piecing. the magic origami method of quiltmaking, possibly even more mysterious than applique. I only just figured out very recently that you are supposed to tear off the paper when you are done making the blocks - I had always assumed that you left it in and were stuck with a very crinkly, though intricately pieced, quilt. WELL I DON'T KNOW THESE THINGS.

AND she included a couple treats for my girls. How sweet is that?

Then I received two packages of some sale fabrics I had snagged on eBay and from the J. Caroline site. First I got some Prairie Gothic:

And then some Michel Miller Whimsy:

Doesn't it all look pretty stacked together on my shelf?

And lest you think I have only been using my new sewing studio to eat chocolate, watch episodes of "Dexter," and read trashy books (which I have done plenty of), I have also churned out a few more blocks for Labyrinth 2: Electric Boogaloo:

The quilt retreat article is going well, by the way, so thank you all for your tales of drunken debauchery.

Oh, and for those who asked, my cutting table does have adjustable legs and it is awesome. It is, like pretty much every other piece of furniture in my house, from Ikea. I highly recommend raising up your cutting table if you can, even if you just set the legs of what you already have up on blocks or books. I have started cutting fabric whenever I feel a migraine coming on, because it keeps my head and neck aligned in a way that seems to relieve some pressure somewhere.

Okay, I think that covers everything I'm going to talk about today, unless you're really keen to hear all about the uncontrollable itching on my legs. No? No one? Okay, but don't email me askin' about it, 'cause you had your chance.


Nancy said...

ok, lets try this again...the internet gremlins keep eating my i shouldn't comment...
so as i was saying before i was so rudely interrupted...
it's hell to wait...and i try not to help the other half assemble anything. it's the key to our 38 year marriage. well, that and i can't support myself without getting a job which i am NOT going to do.
now about those itchy legs.. could it just be dry skin or is your liver shot from all the alcohol?

floribunda... aka Julie said...

itchy legs -- my dermatologist told me it was related to varicose veins (AAARGH!) and told me to wear (really ugly) compression knee-hi socks. I tried it; it worked. Have been itch-free for a couple of years!
What flavor of schnapps?

deborah said...

oooh, never ever help your other half assemble anything or move a heavy item..I can tell tales from hell...its not pretty when you definitely know how to put it together and he is doing it completely wrong..peppermint schnapps helps cure just about anything. Love your blog, avid reader, just lazy about leaving words...

Carolyn aka Silkquilter said...

Snicker... cough, cough... snort. Too funny. Read your article in the latest Quilter's Home mag to my sister this weekend. I may have to read your blog post to her also. I doubt she will send you any schnapps though.... keeps it all for herself, she does. Depending on where the itch is...... yogurt for a yeast infection. Ciao!!!

Brenda said...

Okay, so none of my blog readers ever send me fabulous things in the mail, but, then again, I NEVER think of sending any one anything unless I am their mother and it's some sort of holiday. Funny post.

Kate quilts said...

I won't be so rude as to ask about your itchy legs - everyone else has beaten me to it. LOL

BUT I do have to say I am very envious of your Gwen Marston book and all those luscious blue fabrics. :)

Karin said...

OMG I remember that book from when I was in grade school around 30 years ago! Tikki Tikki Tembo Nosarembo Chari Bari Ruchi Pick Berry Pembo has fallen into the well and can't get out! hehe. Great book! Something the kids will remember for a lifetime!

Lynn E said...

Do you still have the uncontrollable itching???

Cure Take 1 shot tequilla every 10 minutes. This should cure the itchyness. Side effects include headache, nausea, and sometimes vomitting.

Art Play with Chris said...

I love your humor! I'm now a fan ;~)

Anonymous said...

It's Deborah!

OMG again! Riki Tiki Tembo No So Rembo Oo Ma Moochi Yama Gama Goochi (maybe not spelled correctly) or Name So Long, No Can Say! I loved that story when I was little! (Since you don't know me I can say that I'm 46!)

About the itchy legs....ayurvedically speaking, it's excess heat in the body. Try laying off the wheat and fermented substances. Also, nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants). Could also be the dryness of the air in your house from having the heat on due to the FABULOUS weather we've had this winter. Unless you live in San Diego, CA, which is the only city in the nation which hasn't had any weather.