Friday, August 29, 2008

Six pocket bag

My Wisteria Lane quilt is actually progressing and I am almost done. I think I kinda handicapped myself by only doing two fabrics - where I had assumed that it was going to make my life easier. Once I got done piecing the blocks, I had to address the issue of the border. This pattern has a double border, and I just couldn't see using the same fabrics again - but I couldn't decide what to use. I ended up with two Moda watercolors in yellow and pink; I've done the yellow border and have just started pinning the pink. Once the pink is all sewn on, I'll post a picture - hopefully one taken with some actual sunlight and not these ugly halogens and floods we have down here in the dungeon where I sew.

But now - feast your eyes on my next feeble attempt to attach material together in a coherent fashion:

This is a six pocket bag from the current issue of Quilts and More (see it online here. The six pockets are created when you sew the straps on. AND - my fabric arrived today:

IS THAT NOT THE CUTEST? Okay, perhaps I'm too new at all this and more seasoned quilters would be all "Oh, I did the sushi fabric when I first started too." But, I can't help it - the sight of this fabric actually makes me squeal, and the thought of coordinating 3 - three!!!! - fabrics just makes me feel all reckless and bold.

Now if I can just lock the kids in the closet for at least a day so I can get started on it.


Anonymous said...

OMG you are hillarious! I am totally adding you to my favorites so that I can check you out with my moring coffee and smokes, when I am all grumpy from having to crawl out of bed. You will cheer me right up.

Carol said...

Whatever design you choose those 3 fabrics are going to look awesome together. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

carrie (poolgrl95) said...

I LOVE the sushi fabric too! Which have you decided to use where?

MYRA said...

What a great bag, and your fabric choices are wonderful!!!
Happy stitchings!