Sunday, August 17, 2008

10 Things: When I was skinny/Now that I'm fat

When I was skinny:

1. I actually owned a pair of size zero jeans.
2. If any of my clothes were a size 4 or above - it was to achieve that baggy boho look.
3. I couldn't give blood.
4. I never wore a bra.
5. I drank Dr Pepper all day long and never felt guilty about it
6. My bathing suit was a bikini
7. I ran track and cross country (badly, but still)
8. I never wore bracelets because they always fell off.
9. I wasn't ashamed to be seen naked.
10. I knew I would never be fat.

Now that I'm fat:

1. It's kind of hard to put on socks.
2. Old ladies hold open doors for me because I look pregnant.
3. I don't recognize my face and its chins in the mirror.
4. Extra large doesn't cut it anymore, and in some stores, not even XXL.
5. Chafing. I can't say more.
6. My bras are from Just My Size. But I'm still barely a B cup.
7. I'm actually a healthier eater than I was then, but it still adds up to fat
8. There are no decent looking clothes that fit this shape body. I wear t-shirts and elastic-waist, knit pants.
9. Shit. I dropped my cookie...
10. I've lost two pounds. For whatever that is worth.


Kookaburra said...

Welcome to the world of quilting. The nice thing about quilters on the internet is that they don't give a toss about what you look like and love to encourage the consumption of chocolate - as well as stitching. I sometimes feel restricted with fabric choices and now simply delight in on-line purchases from all over the globe. Love it when the mail arrives!!Best wishes and encouragement from Australia.

Megan said...

Thanks, Kookaburra. Always happy to get encouragement from my favorite country I've never actually been to.I'm also discovering that eBay and Etsy are great sources for cool fabrics and charm packs - which I'm coming to rely on since I still can;t cut straight!

Anonymous said...

there is this great stuff they sell at sports stores that prevents chafing for runners. miracle of miracles, it also prevents it for ladies whose thighs touch. it has changed my life - hello skirts!

Myra said...

My friend that has been reading your blog doesn't know how to "read/take" you. I told her that you probably have a really good sense of humor! 8-)
Don't be too hard on yourself! We can only do, what we can do, and there is lots of room for improvement!! Lots of room!!! If we slip one day, we can start again the next! Every day is a learning experience! 8-)