Friday, August 15, 2008

My First Quilt Top. Now What?

I should have updated this last week when this historic event actually occurred, but, you know, I was too busy eating chocolate pie and feeling guilty about it to heave my fat ass over to the computer.

After working on those pink practice patches (insert lame alliteration comment here), I set about doing the real thing. I still hadn't found a decent fabric store within driving distance, so I was once again forced to partake of JoAnn's wares. I have since learned that any quilting project I undertake with Ms. J's goods will probably disintegrate in the wash, but never mind that for now. I managed to find some fabrics that weren't all old fashioned and cutesy and set myself to the task of a basic four patch pattern.

You may notice something amiss in the picture. I sewed the last two rows completely backwards - and even after pinning the whole thing up on the wall for several days, failed to notice it. It wasn't until I took the above photograph - no, until I downloaded and looked at the above photograph - that I realized what I had done. I suck.

BUT - I don't care that I suck, because at least I finished it, even if it was poorly cut and sewn like I had my eyes closed. For the back, I managed to find a brown and aqua polka dot print (at Wal Mart, god help me)

and I will be sending the top and the backing to my sister in Tennessee to have one of the fine ladies at her shop machine quilt it for me. Then I'll have to figure out how to do the binding, which may just end this whole experiment in ineptitude.

This quilt, should it prove to become one, will belong to Number One Daughter. I hope its glaring misalignment will serve as a lesson for her: never give up, even when all evidence shows that you really, really should.


Anonymous said...

Ok, first. I love your blog! Finally, honesty! :) I have been teaching myself to sew the last couple of years and have taken a few classes. A year later I have almost finished my first quilt...for my daughter. One of the BEST tidbits of advice is: take your quilt and wave it as if it is hanging from a galloping horse. If you can't see the "mistake", then it isn't important. If anyone else sees it, well they are just looking too damn hard! BTW - Joann's has started carrying some really nice quality fabric, name brands even! I have spotted Alexander Henry fabrics in the mix of some of their lower quality fabrics. Look for the higher priced fabrics and go from there. One of the saleswomen was telling me they have been getting in more and more NICE quilt fabrics so don't despair! (BTW, for what it's worth, I am overweight and trying, too!)

Carol said...

I have been quilting for about 20 yrs. I think. If you go to my blog and scroll down you will see a quilt I made for a little girl and the mistake is so obvious. So even us seasoned quilters make mistakes, but she loves her new "blankie" anyway and she doesn't know it isn't perfect.

I'm not overweight but it is ok to be. Where is it written that we must all be perfect size 8's or whatever. Be happy with yourself no matter what.

And I love the colors in your quilt.

Megan said...

Thanks to both poollgrl95 and carol for such kind words.