Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Second project

The second project was a bit more ambitious than the first, but still within the skirt genre (apparently, I have a thing for skirts even though I can't wear them anymore). This was a wrap skirt from a pattern I got out of this book. Though I know damn well that I need plus size patterns, and I ain't nowhere near ready to alter a pattern to fit my unholy dimensions, I made it in the largest size and prayed.

Now, i have a question. How do you cut fabric in a straight line? I have a very sharp pair of scissors. I cut slowly and carefully. I held the fabric down tightly so it wouldn't slide all over the table. And yet the edges still look like I must be suffering from some sort of palsy. What's the secret here?

The best part about the skirt was the skull and crossbones bandanna fabric I managed to dig up at JoAnn's. The worst was the waistband, which had some sort of pull-through thing going on and the instructions on how to create this particular hole were kind of obtuse, so I ended up just kind of cutting a hole and shoving the tie through.

Too big for Cherie the Wonder Torso, but you get the idea:

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