Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First project

Okay, second project. My actual first project was a tiny pillow made from a bit of fabric from a fat quarter I picked up at my local JoAnn's. It sucked. Let's move on.

I found instructions for making a simple skirt out of a sheet, and the one on the blog I read was soooo cute that I ran right out to the thrift store and picked up a pretty neat bedsheet with a black and white pattern. It turned out pretty good - at least on my mannequin. Somehow, when I take my measurements and attempt to apply them, or have them applied, to a custom made garment, the end result is gi-fucking-normous. I once had someone on Etsy custom make a dress for me, and she somehow decided that what I think is an 18/20 - maaaaaybe 22 - size, is more like a 48 extra wide. The v-neck went down to my pubes AND she put in a zipper. As though my head were clearly as freakishly large as the rest of me and I would need to open that baby up nice and wide to squeeze it on.

ANYWAY. Skirt huge. Looks stupid on my weird, apple-shaped, no-waist, no-boobs either body. But check it out on Cherie the Wonder Torso:

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