Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New machine!!!

I had been using a teeny, tiny little Kenmore sewing machine - one which is marketed as a beginner machine and cost me only about $30 at Sears. It was fine for starting out, but it had a hard time handling more than a couple layers of fabric, so I figured I had to get a new machine sooner rather than never.

Thank god for Amazon Prime, because once I had read 80 million reviews and picked my model, I was able to get it the next day. I really hate waiting. Of course it arrived on a day when I had no baby-sitter AND I had promised to take care of a friend's baby for 5 hours in the afternoon, so there was no playtime for Mama yesterday.

Today, however, the sitter came, and I headed out the door to Joann's to buy crappy fat quarters and thread. Along with my machine, I also ordered a rotary cutter and a mat, hoping that, along with a straight edge, I would surely be able to cut my own quilting squares in nice, neat, straight lines.

HOLY FREAKING FUCK - WHAT DOES IT TAKE, LASERS??? I swear, not one square ended up, you know, square. I haven't even approached the topic of sewing in a straight line, but I keep figuring that will be easier when I have straight lines of fabric. Which will apparently be never. At any rate, I took four, roughly-square pieces of fabric and sewed them together. My thread is a mess, my corners don't meet, but it's the rudimentary beginnings of a quilt, goddammit!

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