Friday, March 18, 2011


Here, in no particular order, are all the entries in the Name That Quilt Contest (minus the winner):

The Caves
Against The Greyn
Having a Greyt Time
Gray Skies Through the Windows
Fiddly Fart Gray Quilt
Damn, Me Knees Hurt
Against the Gray’n
Earl Grey’s Penis
Gray Day
Pigeon Shit Sieve
The Old Gray Mare
Tongue of the Anteater
Exponential Replication
Man the Battleship
Lord Thorneycroft
No Grey Hairs
Rainy Days in Portland
That’s A Gray Area
Something Dirty
Macy Gray’s Anatomy On Point
Ag e Moon (Silvery Moon)
Silver Threads…among the gray
The Whippletree
Smoke on the Water
Grey’s Anatomy
Beating My Head Against the Wall
Skid Row
Concrete Jungle
Drag Over the Coals
Tarred and Feathered
Highway to Hell
Hoary Trellis
The day is cold, and dark, and dreary
Beam Me Up, Scottie
Gray Matter
Crimson and Clover
Midnight Lattice
Lattice Gray.
Beyond the Gray Gate.
Gray Gateway.
Gate O'Gray.
Given to Gray (or Giving in to Gray)
Vader Beckons
Point Bitch Noir
Moody Grey
Rainy Days and Sundays Always Get Me Down
Orange You Glad?
The Old Gray Mare Ain’t What She Used To Be
Grey Gardens
criss cross aspens
Grey Goosed
Holy Shit Batman…she did it!!
Shades of Grey
Grey't Scot!
good god its grey
4 points + grey
Grey Pooped On or Grey (Rats) Poop(ed) On (It)
Concrete Tangle
They Zig When I Zag
Guano Lattice
No Weenies
Gothic Trellis
Gothic Wedding
Pointedly Grey
Dirty Dancing
Grey-Stoked Square Balls
George Clooney, Sean Connery, or James Gray
Who hid my crayons?
Black and White, and Shades of Grey,
Who needs color anyway?
It's my mood, and I'll quilt it if I want too!

There were some really good ones in here. I was very tempted to go with Earl, as in Earl Grey, and start a tradition of giving my quilts men's names (for newbies, my last major quilt was named George, Jr.). "Grey-Stoked Square Balls" gets mad points for creativity and for ensuring that I will now sing those words every time Spongebob comes on TV. There were a couple Grey's Anatomy entries and a few references to bats and guano. I thought "Lord Thorneycroft" was awesome and it tuns out he's a real dude who said something marginally famous about politics and shades of grey. "Ag e Moon" gets style points for knowing the atomic symbol for silver.

But the winner I have chosen is: Hoar Frost. For one thing, I think it describes the quilt nicely. Here's hoar frost on a fence:

Original photo can be found here

And for another, it sounds like "Whore Frost." Can't beat that.

Now I miscounted my quarter yards and it turns out I only have seven, but there will be a few other things in the box as well to make up for it. So, congratulations, Lisa! An email is incoming.

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autumnesf said...

Have to totally agree. When I saw that one it just seemed right. Congrats to Lisa!