Monday, March 21, 2011

A Monday morning rant

Had to delete this. Will explain later

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Dragon Lady said...

OMG! Can we get together for drinks sometime? I don't tell people about my quilts, and if I must, I only show pictures of my 9-patch stuff. And then, only the crib quilts. I stopped telling people how old I was when I started reading (2) and let them think I was looking at the pictures when I was reading Tolkien in 6th grade.

But it's not just the 'special' stuff. 4 times a year I have to provide snacks to daycare for a week. Cookies and jello are boring, so I make shit up, and now the parents all think I think I'm Martha Stewart 'cause I own a mini cupcake pan. Don't even tell tham that I sewed that 'cute little outfit' the Bonster is wearing.

Really? Things our Mothers did without a second thought are now so special that only stuck up, over educated prigs do them?

Wait'll they find out I breastfed, too...