Thursday, May 1, 2014

You need this. You want this.

If you were paying attention during the Endless Book Tour of 2013 and 2014, you will recall my fangirl worship of Cheryl Sleboda. I hope you've also noticed that I don't give my fangirl affections to everyone, and I don't particularly give a shit who's famous now or who's the up-and-coming-cool kid that everyone wants a piece of. When I fall in love with someone's work - whatever that work might be - I do it because that work really speaks to me. Cheryl's work has always spoken to me. It whispers to me in the night and says we need to empty the bank account in order to possess all of it, particularly every underwater invertebrate from this weekly series.

So, Cheryl has got a little bit of an evil streak, which I love, and not long ago, she put an image of a skull she had designed up on Facebook and asked if people might like to see it on a t-shirt. And of course I and all the other Cheryl fangirls fell over each other to scream YES, YES WE WOULD. And when she finally did start selling it as a shirt, I was the first one to place an order.

Squint as you approach. You may be blinded by my neck wrinkles.

I'd really like to see this cool design take off for Cheryl and YOU KNOW YOU WANT ONE. So, here's my deal: the first three people to order a shirt get a copy of my book. Just send me a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase at dontdrinkandquilt (at) gmail (dot) com.. (Doesn't count if you already bought one before today, sorry.) And if you DO buy a shirt, please tell Cheryl when you check out that the crazy fangirl sent you. Go here to purchase and see all the other cool stuff Cheryl sells, and thanks for letting me support one of my favorite artists.

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