Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Great Crap Divestiture of 2014

Y'all. This room. My sewing room/office/nap pavilion. I can't even. I mean it's just. You know. Bad. Like, really bad. Like, intervention bad.

When my mom passed away last month, my dad asked that my sister and I go through her room to help sort through all her things. She also had a sewing room/office/nap pavilion and so genetics are clearly at work here. She was a pack rat and saved EVERYTHING. She also liked to shop and bought everything as well, so as you can imagine, the combo makes for a whole lot of stuff. My dad really needs to sell their house (and if you are looking for an absolutely gorgeous and huge house near a lake in the middle of rural Tennessee, I can hook you up), and apparently one of the things you have to do when trying to sell your home is make it look like nobody has lived there, ever. I understand that with some of those insane listings you see on Craigslist, where someone forgot to wake up the hooker on the floor (they overlooked her because she was mostly covered in half-empty Doritos bags and dirty underwear) before taking the photos of the "master suite," but for homes where people consider a lone tissue in a waste basket "a huge mess," I think the laws of house relativity apply. I think people who come to see those kinds of houses will be so relieved there isn't a possibly dead hooker under the pile o' briefs, that a few papers and things on a shelf won't make them go, "Oh, no, Chauncey. This domicile is entirely too plebeian for a family of our pedigree." But, then, I've never sold a home or even owned one, so what do I know?

Well, I know I have too much crap; that's one thing. I mailed home two massive boxes of stuff, plus more in a duffle bag, and when we return in April, I will no doubt be bringing home more. And that's fine - I'm glad to help my dad out and he can't cart all that stuff around with him. But it makes me realize that my sewing room/office/nap pavilion is already stuffed full of my own crap, much of which I will never use. I'll never be able to try to use Mom's stuff if I can't even find a place for it. So a lot of the old crap has got to go.

Some time ago I did a big fabric sale here on the blog and it turned out pretty well. Except it was a huge pain in the butt to make an individual Paypal button for each item. Recently, Ebony Love cleared out her own studio ( can't say for sure if it's a sewing room/office/nap pavilion, so we'll just say "studio") by offering stuff for sale on Facebook. For several days in a row, she would post items in her Facebook feed and the first person to comment got dibs on the item. At the end everything was tallied and invoiced at once. And yes, I bought stuff from her and I'm not telling whether any of what I bought will end up in my sale. I thought that worked out pretty well and I think I'm going to try that myself, even though one of my resolutions for 2014 was "more blogging, less Facebooking." And by "Facebooking," I mean "repeatedly checking my Facebook feed every five minutes like something amazing is going to appear and writing status updates and comments that I never actually post because I am a freak who honestly believes all my attempts at interacting with other humans is stilted and dorky."

If you are one of those hardy souls who do not do Facebook, I commend you and your strength of character. Unless you plan to whine at me that you can't participate because you're not on Facebook and then I RETRACT MY COMMENDATION. I can't make everyone else happy - I have to do what works best for me and I'm the one running this dog and pony show. If you ARE on Facebook, you will have to be a follower of my Bitchy Stitcher Facebook page. If you are already a follower and want to be sure you see my sale posts, you either need to check the actual page or make sure to turn on notifications for my page (Go to my Facebook page and hover your cursor over the the "Liked" button and then choose "Get Notifications.")

There will be fabric, notions, books, patterns and other quilty, sewy stuff and it will start on Saturday, January 25 at 1 p.m. EST. I will post a few things each day for as long as I feel like it and people seem interested. If it's a bust from the get-go, then we'll just go back to binge-watching British TV shows and eating raw cookie dough. Or I will, anyway.

Here are the rules/guidelines:
1. First person to comment with a declaration such as "Me!", "Me, please!", or "I will perform mild sexual favors in lieu of cash for that item." gets the item.
2. Price will be noted in the post.
3. Once you have commented, please PM me with your Paypal email. You must use Paypal to participate. Even for sexual favors.
4. You will not receive an invoice until the entire sale is over, unless you PM me to say, "For the love of God, woman, put me out of my misery and invoice me now."
5. Shipping will be calculated once invoices are sent. I will be shipping Priority Mail, so keep those general prices in mind.
6. Have fun, BE NICE, and feel free to share this with anyone who would like to score some quilty stuff cheap.

Here's just a sample of what I need to get rid of. I also have a ton of IKEA fabric, plus other yardage and LOTS of older books and patterns if you're into the more traditional style.

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