Friday, January 2, 2009

A query for the blogoshpere

I am working on my first article for my new magazine on women and heart disease. I need to find one or two women who have:

- been diagnosed with heart disease

- had a heart attack

- had a stroke due to cardiovascular disease

I'd like to ask just a few questions via email to give the article some perspective from someone who's been affected by heart disease, so if you know of anyone you think might be willing to talk with me, please direct them to my email at harperland at mac dot com.

Please stay tuned for your regularly scheduled bitching about how hard it is to sew in a straight line.

UPDATE: BLOGOSPHERE! In my defense, I've been loopy lately with all my new mag duties, but still no excuse for poor spelling, even of a word that probably doesn't exist in any major dictionary yet. Thanks, Carrie in TX!


Myra said...

I sent a link to this post to a friend of mine, the rest is up to her should she wish to contact you... 8-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Megan...


Still love ya.

Great story idea though!