Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quilting Isn't Funny Quilt Dots!

When I published my book, the good folks at Quilt Dots suggested that I do a set of dots to go with the book. (For those of you going, huhwhatnow, go here to read the riveting saga of my original designs for Quilt Dots in pins and magnets.) It took me a while to get all the designs done what with all the life issues happening, but I finally did it. Here is my new collection of Dots inspired by my book:

To celebrate this most auspicious and momentous occasion, Quilt Dots is doing a super sweet giveaway: they will give a set of all six Quilting Isn't Funny magnets, PLUS a black necklace base to THREE lucky, lucky people.

All you have to do is leave a comment—but not just ANY comment, oh, no. YOU MUST WORK FOR YOUR LOOT. Tell me your Fabric Designer name using the handy chart below. And if your name sucks, feel free to fudge it to come up with a better one. I am Magnolia Dandelion, a free-spirited southern belle whose designs are like a lemonade on a hot Louisiana night with a naked werewolf lurking in the cypress knees. Do tell me all about yours, won't you? (And yes, they're all girly. I have to work with the numbers here and even though I know I've got guy readers, the vast majority of you are ladies. So, boys, either embrace your inner Magnolia or make up your own.)

Leave a comment with your fabric designer name to enter, and spread the word on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc to get more chances (just come back here and leave another comment telling me so. BE HONEST.) You have all week to enter—contest deadline is midnight EST on Monday, March 10 and I will announce the winners the next day.

And hey - are you wondering what the heck that octopus is about? If you read the book, you'll know—but I also have a thing for eight-armed underwater invertebrates, as my Pinterest followers and various t-shirt makers on Etsy can tell you. And because my Quilt Dots peeps are TOTAL ENABLERS, they have put together a special octo-deal. If you buy any Quilting Isn't Funny set (pins or magnets or bookmarks) between now and March 15th, they'll throw in this limited edition set of octopus pins free! 

AND I'M NOT EVEN DONE. Quilt Dots is also doing a giveaway of my book! Go to their blog to get all the details: (hint: you get to name my octopus!) If you are one of the few lonely, pathetic fools who haven't gotten a copy of what has been hailed as "not the great American novel, but it's a start" by my own personal dad, now is your chance. Oh, and there's the purchasing option, too. Like here. Or here.

Go forth and enter!

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