Monday, June 11, 2012

Fabric Sale, Part One

Everything has been sold out today! Thanks so much, and I'll have more tomorrow.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will ship internationally, but the cost per envelope is $12.95. I cannot figure out how to include this as an option in one button, so I will have to invoice you for the balance ($7.30) after you make your transaction. Remember to let me know if you want me to hold up on shipping anything until you have seen what else there is. If you buy more than one item, I'll refund any overages in shipping costs and stuff as much into the lowest cost packaging possible. (Also, my Paypal business name is Sundara Silver, from an on\ld jewelry business I used to have.)

This is all an experiment for me, so I may be refining this as I go. Please be patient with me and I'll do my best to do right by you.

Moda Aster Manor FQ Bundle

This is a bundle of 20 fat quarters from Moda's Aster Manor Collection. I love these fabrics but they are clearly much too refined for the likes of me. It's like feeding a gourmet dinner to the hogs: it might be good for them and they might like it, but it pisses off the other farm animals. I have no idea where I was originally going with that metaphor.

This bundle originally had forty-some FQs in it, but I cut some up to make a table runner. There might be 14 or so big pieces left and I'll throw those in too, though I may not fold each and every one of them carefully. Or maybe I will. WHO KNOWS?

Aster Manor FQ Bundle: $20 + $5.65 shipping


I Cannot Tell You The Name of This Bundle

This is a collection of six fat quarters from the {REDACTED} line by {DESIGNER WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED}. Please note that it may be illegal for me to sell these or even show you a picture of them, and I may be contacted by a bunch of large, muscly "lawyers" any minute now and forced to sell myself on the streets in order to pay the settlement for my "copyright violation." So snap these up now while I still have all my limbs!

Copyright Violation Bundle: $9.00 + $5.65 shipping


Odds and Ends Bundle

This was my attempt to come up with a sort of rainbow-y FQ bundle, with marginal success. There are a few pieces from the old Baby Geniuses line, a couple that seem nice but I have no idea what they are, and some from Joann's which, depending on who you ask, are either perfectly fine or will disintegrate if you think too hard next to them. Whatever - they're cheap! 17 fat quarters in all.

Odds and Ends Bundle: $10.00 + $5.65 shipping

Blue and Yellow Bundles

Yes, that's the best name I could come up with. I've got a house full of kids, one of whom is breathing down my neck because she wants to watch Beakman's World (she's a five year old, princess obsessed, science nut) on Netflix on this computer, AND I sprained my ankle Friday morning so my foot is all swollen and achy. Aren't you happy to know all that? Perhaps tomorrow we'll discuss my husband's inability to clean his bathroom, just to give you the full Dougherty household scoop.

There are 8 fat quarters in each bundle and I'm selling them separately. You can buy both, but you don't HAVE to, is what I mean. Stupid foot. Anyway, most of the fabric appears to be from a couple different Marcus Brothers lines, plus maybe one or two others. Definitely QSQ (that's Quilt Shop Quality). The price tag says $18, so they are a few years old.

Blue and Yellow Bundles: $9.00 ea + $5.65 shipping

That's it for today. My foot is turning purple and I need to elevate it, but if it doesn't turn gangrenous I'll have more tomorrow.

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