Monday, October 5, 2009

To clarify

About the Ikea quilt: it's the mom's reaction that was disappointing, not the 2-year-old's. C'mon, y'all. I'm not THAT sensitive!


jillquilts said...

I made an I Spy quilt for my sister's family. It was the first quilt that I ever finished and quilted on my machine and it was a labor of love. I gave it to them on Christmas morning. I couldn't even post the pictures of them opening the box because of the sour puss on my sister's face. Talk about a disappointment.

Can you tell that I haven't gotten over that yet? It was 2 years ago. I won't make another thing for them.

As long as the 2 year old liked it, that is what matters. Not all adults realize the time and effort that goes into a quilt. And some people just aren't quilt worthy. I have to tell myself that all the time.

Your quilt was very awesome though!! :)

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carolfun said...

hi megan - unfortunately i think every quilter has had this experience and yes it sucks! i recently gave my 20 something niece a bright bold scrappy quilt with lots of jane sassamen fabrics-it is a fun happy quilt and i thought it would appeal to someone her age- well every time i've seen the quilt she has it turned so only the back is showing and yes it ticks me off - i too didn't ask if she'd like a quilt i thought she'd appreciate the effort but i was wrong -- hang in there -- we quilters know the value of a quilt that comes from the heart