Sunday, October 4, 2009


Thank you all for your comments the past couple of days - they have been incredibly helpful. I do know that tears of joy and gratitude are not why I make quilts and not why I want to give them as gifts, but to have that happen THE VERY FIRST TIME I GIVE ONE AWAY (and with a quilt that was rather special to me, since it was my first to machine quilt as well) just stuck in my craw. This commenter had the best idea yet: ask if they want one first. Oh, yeah! That would have been smart!

Now, I am about to start production on the November issue of the magazine I work for, so let me blurt out a few thoughts:

1. Oh, hey. Third handbag for grandma:

2. I'm thinking of doing a block swap, though I'm still trying to figure out how it works. Ever done one? Was it worth it? Would you send my block back to me with tire marks on it if my seam was a wee bit wobbly?

3. I'm thinking of trying a Lone Star quilt from a Moda Chic or Treat jelly roll. Someone should probably talk me out of this.

4. My mom wants me to make two table runners for her, which I suppose means that she really is giving up sewing. She has macular degeneration, nerve damage and muscle atrophy in her right hand from carpal tunnel, and several other issues that I'm sure make sewing too uncomfortable for her.

But, of course, to me my mother is sewing. By which I mean, sewing, in some form, whether needlepoint or quilting or something else, has been her passion for as long as I can remember. It is what I will always remember about her, that and her wicked sense of humor, and the things I possess that she has made are incredibly precious to me.

So, knowing that she is really, truly giving it feels like her life is coming to a close, and she is getting ready. But I'm not ready for that, and never will be.

5. And it turns out I'm not anemic. Which is good, but also kinda sucks, because I still have no idea why I have these episodes where I feel like death on a stick. Thyroid okay, hormones all good. Still waiting for results on vitamin D and Lyme disease!

Oh, and the new doctor? ROCKS! Love her. Wonder if she'd like a quilt? I should ask first, right?

6. Y'all are the best. Have I mentioned that?


Pokey said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling better, yet (sick with no apparent reason) but good to have a dr. you can believe in. Keep up the happy quilt work. p.s. my mom was why I sew today, her ability was inspiration.
I am thinking of your mom today, losing eyesight has to be the worst. But, my MIL and 2 friends I know are dealing with this same disease, and they so far are still pushing out projects (just don't inspect the work) I hope you can encourage her to keep trying. The creative process is a motivator in itself, sometimes.

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I belong to a block swap on flickr and am having a blast! Some of the blocks I got sucked, some were perfect, Join and have a blast.
I also belonged to one a few years ago that totally sucked so choose carefully.
I am a childless 44 and have been "not myself" for a few months, I think it could be para-menopause.
hope you figure it out.