Thursday, September 10, 2009


Apparently, some of you are subscribers to Quilter's Home magazine and have seen my article! I am so thrilled, but I have to tell you something:

I HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET!!!!!!!!!!!!

You would think that, knowing for as long as I have that not one but two things that I have written would be published in upcoming issues of this magazine, I would have, I dunno, SUBSCRIBED or something. But no. I didn't.

So I have to wait until it comes out in the stores, which, judging by how badly I want to get my hands on one of these things and its relation to real time, should be about a hundred and forty-six years from now.

So, I do want to hear if you've seen it and whether you liked it, but don't tell me too much about it yet, please!


Vicki W said...

So, I had to go pull the magazine out of the "to read" stack. The article is excellent! Very funny and also very true. Keep up the writing!

Unknown said...

Loved the article!

Anonymous said...

I loved the article....cann't believe you don't subscribe to the mag. It is absolutely entertaining and very informative...oh I forgot you have younge children which computes as absolutely no time to be entertained or informed !

Brenda said...

Great article, plus I love your blog, glad I found it through the mag - which I also love, it's the only quilt magazine I subscribe to.

Jennie said...

The article is GREAT!! I just loved it! The magazine is the only magazine I even subscribe to. I hope you'll get one soon!!
~ Jennie

Anonymous said...