Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Food for thought

I've been reading a great book about the history of blogging, and it has occurred to me that perhaps I should be a little more circumspect when writing about, oh, my family, my employers, the people who are giving me my first break in publishing. Wouldn't do to have the new corporate overlords get pissy 'cuz I had a snarky little post about 'em, now would it?

Thus the deleted post. In a few years, when I am the maven of a quilting media empire, I will take to the internets to dish about all the people I had to step on on my way to the top. That should make up for it.

(Oh, and the article will be in the Oct./Nov. issue, NOT the Sept. issue. Another little oopsie yesterday. But all good! Yay corporate overlords!)

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