Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Shuckydarn, Yeah!

Good grief! Three posts in one week! Where will it end? Well, right here, probably. I've got work to do.

Thanks everybody for having fun with me yesterday and thanks especially to all the traffic I got from QuiltingBoard as someone linked to my design wall project but didn't link to the specific post, just to the blog, and some people decided the apocalypse was nigh.

I was actually more concerned that someone would get all huffy that I was making fun of modern quilting, which I wasn't. I actually consider myself a modern quilter, though not a Modern Quilter, if you get my meaning there. I started quilting just as it was really beginning to boom on the 'Net and I watched as this influx of new fabric designers and brighter, more graphic quilts and a community of quilters centered around online communication turned into Modern Quilting: The Brand. It amuses me to see how companies and people have tried to jump on the bandwagon and soak up some of that sweet, sweet cash even though the makers of The Brand would turn up their noses at many of them. The whole phenomenon amuses me, so I made up a crass book that was attempting to cash in on the trend without a solid understanding of modern quilting—the movement—just a familiarity with Modern Quilting: The Brand.

This is how my brain works. I'm not just throwing out naughty words to shock the straights. Also, there is a thriving 'tradition" of the "Fuck, yeah!" moniker on many, many Tumblrs, which, if you are not a Tumblr denizen, you might not get. See here to see what I'm talking about.  (Of course, I put mine after the noun, which puts it more in the South Park category I guess. See? With me you get humor, commentary, aging cultural references AND the occasional shirtless dude.)

ANYWAY. Humor's no fun if you have to explain it.

I have actually been doing some quilty things, but I'm not ready to show you quite yet. I finished a quilt top and I've been practicing some free-motion feathers which I may or may not use when I finally get around to quilting it. I really like the top, but can't decide if it's just something cool for me to have or if it's a DESIGN. I swear, I struggle with this concept all the time, and while I'm brain wrestling with myself over whether something I've done is original enough to warrant being called "my design" I see yet another quilt on the cover of yet another magazine "designed by" so-and-so and there's nothing different or original about it. Pretty? Sure! So does "design" mean "come up with a fairly unique arrangement" or "use traditional blocks but write a pattern to go with it"? Seriously, this plagues me, especially as these same people try to copyright the design as well as the written pattern. Look, I'm getting all frothy over it already and I haven't even had lunch yet.

Let's get back to happier topics, shall we? Can someone please explain to me why my targeted Etsy ads always contain fake poo?

Just curious.

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