Thursday, May 5, 2011

A hasty retreat

Two days ago, a couple people who were participating in the latest Facebook folderol brought up the idea of a retreat. I have often fantasized about having some sort of regular, organized retreat for those of us who, you know, like to sew and drink and laugh and hurl scatological epithets at our machines when we accidentally sew over our own elbows.

Now, keep in mind that I'm not saying that I will immediately start booking rooms in a Best Western somewhere, but I would like to just feel you all out and see how much interest there might be in a Bitchy Stitcher quilting retreat. I live in Maryland, but could conceivably drive to Pennsylvania or a number of other states. Nashville could be interesting, since I could pressure my sister into participating and she would cancel out my incompetence with her awesomeness. Plus, we might be able to organize a class at the shop where she works.

As I say, this is all just speculative, but I would like to get a sense of whether it is just those two who would be interested, or if maybe there is a simmering desire among the readership to travel an absurd distance to sew with complete strangers while calling each other ho-bags and playing Pin The Penis On the Ironing Board Cover.

You can weigh in here or on FB, but be honest. Don't be all, "I would cut of my left arm to come on a retreat with you" if you know deep in your heart you wouldn't really. Personally, I'm so anti-social that probably the only way I ever would go on a retreat is if I organized the damn thing myself and had at least a marginal acquaintance with most of the people there. So clearly you all are my only hope. No pressure, though.


Marge Gordon said...

Be careful what you wish for, it could become a life changing habit! That is almost how my retreats started, 15 years ago this November. And OH SO MUCH FUN and you meet the most wonderful people! Good luck, I’ll be watching for reports!

Opiesgirl said...

I just returned from a quilt retreat and although it was wonderful - I often thought to myself how wonderful it would be to attend a retreat with more 'like minded' quilters - ie - a cocktail or 2, colorful language,,, and laughter galore!
I would absolutely seriously consider a retreat with the Bitchy Stitcher crew... the only things I'd have to consider is when...

BJ in TX said...

If you are inclined to drive as far west as Texas, then count me in! I would go just to listen to you!